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Looking for a night out with the family? Or a cute date idea? Mini golf to the rescue! It's tough to top the appeal of tapping colorful golf balls into holes hidden behind waterfalls or just on the other side of a tiny water feature.

There are actually very few mini golf courses right in Seattle (the only one is at Interbay Golf Center), but in surrounding cities from Mountlake Terrace to Tukwila to Tacoma, mini golf courses abound. Whether you want a simple course or one decked out with colorful obstacles, read on for suggestions on the best courses for families, couples and groups of friends out for a night of fun.

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Family Fun Center - Edmonds

Mini golf Seattle

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Family Fun Center in Edmonds is the same chain also located in Tukwila. Miniature golf is just one of many fun activities you and your family can enjoy here, some of which are pretty awesome—laser tag, bumper cars, go karts, batting cages, rides, obstacle courses and more are all out in force. The mini golf course is a full 18 holes and is indoor/outdoor. The course has a pirate theme.

Location: 7212 SW 220th Street, Edmonds

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Interbay Golf Center

Interbay Golf Center
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Interbay Golf Center is filled to the gills with golf — from a full golf course to a driving range on down to mini golf. The 18-hole mini golf course at Interbay is outdoors. It doesn’t have a kiddie theme to it, but instead has a clean and well-kept feel to it. The décor tends toward nature with trees and a few miniature waterfalls. This is a great course for a date night, but the course is hardly kid-free. Keep an eye out for Putts and Pints nights in the summer, if you like to pair a beer with your game.

Location: 2501 15th Avenue W, Seattle (in Magnolia neighborhood)

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River Bend Driving Range

Miniature Golf near Seattle

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This outdoor course stays well-lit by night, making it a great place to go on summer evenings. The course has enough hazards and water traps to be fun for adults, but is still fun for kids too.

Location: 2020 W. Meeker Street, Kent

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Family Fun Center - Tukwila

Family Fun Center

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Like its sister park in Edmonds, Family Fun Center in Tukwila is more than a mini golf course. Mini golf is one of many activities available, from batting cages and bumper cars to rides and an XD Theater. What’s especially cool about this location is that there are two full 18-hole courses, each with a unique theme. Memory Lane is a course based on mini golf courses of the past and it has nifty sets like the Eiffel Tower and an old school. Arctic Adventure has a Northwest theme so expect some bears or a few mountains to pop up.

Location: 7300 Fun Center Way, Tukwila

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Mike N’ Terry’s Outdoor Fun Park

Mini golf date night

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Mike N’ Terry’s is one of the best mini golf courses in the region, even though it’s situated a bit out of town for both Seattle and Tacoma residents. There are two outdoor 18-hole courses at Mike N’ Terry’s. Both are well-kept and offer a bit more of a challenge than your average mini golf course, as well as a bit more fun. One course is a water course and, as such, is decked out in water features and traps. The second course is an obstacle course with some tricky shots involved. Along with mini golf, there’s also a go kart track and batting cages.

Location: 6326 114th Avenue Ct. E, Puyallup

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Parkland Putters

Mini golf

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Parkland Putters is one of the most unique mini golf courses in Western Washington — chiefly because there are a total of four unique courses to choose from! The courses are rated easy, medium, medium-hard, and hard. The easiest course features a boat right in the middle that was brought in from Commencement Bay years ago. The medium and medium-hard courses feature plenty of sand traps, water traps and obstacles. If you play the most difficult course, expect to have to work to even find some of the holes. No matter which course you play, count on having tons of fun along the way. As a special bonus, when you finish the course, each player will get a ribbon to show which place they came in. Even last place gets a ribbon so no one really loses! The course is open until midnight during the summers with more restricted hours in winter.

Location: 10636 Sales Road S, Tacoma

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Tacoma Firs Golf Center

Miniature Golf Course

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Tacoma Firs is mainly a driving range, but also has a decent 18-hole putting course. You won’t find overly fancy obstacles or crazy themes, but the course is well-kept and fun to play through.

Location: 4504 S. Tyler Street , Tacoma

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Tower Lanes

Indoor mini golf

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Tower Lanes is that special mini golf course (and small arcade and bowling alley) that’s open 24 hours a day. Putt into the wee hours of the night! The 18-hole course is entirely indoors and features sand traps, water features and a few obstacles. It’s not an overly challenging course, but is tricky enough to offer adults a great game and stay completely kid-friendly too. The theme revolves around nature and water features, bridges, and greenery give the course an outdoorsy feel.

Location: 6323 6th Avenue, Tacoma

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Rainbow Run Putting Course

Mini golf

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Rainbox Run is located within the larger Willows Run golf complex, meaning you can enjoy a wide range of golf courses and practice facilities here. Rainbow Run’s 18 holes are themed around climate zones. By the time you complete the course, you’ll have traveled through four different and distinct climates. The course is filled with cool props and a few special effects, including a growling bear cave.

Location: 10402 Willows Road NE, Redmond

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