Seaside and Lakeside Castle Hotels in Poland

Palace and Castle hotels are romantic in their own right, but put them at a waterfront and they become magical. There are many seaside and lakeside castle hotels in Poland. Here are a few Poland castle hotels that you might want to work into your next vacation to Central Europe.

Don't care whether your palace hotel is by the waterfront or not? More choices can be found at Castle and Palace Hotels in Poland

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Podewils Knight Castle Lakeside Hotel

Podewils Castle Poland

Situated between two lakes, Podewils combines the architecture of several centuries into one historic hotel. Romantic weekends, a "knights' banquet," and local tradition packages are available at booking. A variety of activities are available inside the hotel and on the hotel grounds: read in the library, walk in the woods or along the lake, play piano in the concert hall, or relax in the sauna. Located between Gdansk and Szczecin.

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Zamek Jan III Sobieski Seaside Hotel

This palace hotel on Puck Bay prides itself in creating a peaceful retreat for guests. Horseback riding, beauty packages, and a honeymoon sweet make Zamek Jan III Sobieski appropriate for any occassion.

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Kadyny Country Club Seaside Palace Hotel

Located near Gdansk on the Vistula River bay, Hotel Kadyny Country Club is a wonderful contemporary hotel with the facade and interior of an 18th century estate. The leisure center includes a sauna, heated pool, and gym facilities. Marriage ceremonies can also be performed at the 17th century monastery nearby.

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Budzistowo Palace Seaside Hotel

In the north of Poland, on the Baltic sea, sits Budzistowo Palace Hotel. It offers many outdoor activities, including horseback riding and canoeing. The on-site restaurant serves traditional Polish cuisine. Tour the little town of Kolobrzeg and visit the art museum there.

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Krzeslice Palace Lakeside Hotel

Krzeslice Palace is a charming former estate building built in the 1860's. This hotel offers packages for couples that include candlelight dinners and horse-drawn carriage tours. Located in Krzeslice, near Poznan.

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Soplica Nowecin Castle Seaside Hotel

Soplica Castle Hotel has a long list of previous owners and incarnations. The castle is now owned by a Polish couple who have pieced together the castle's history, and it seems that the most recently built version of the Nowecin Castle was in 1909. The interior is cozy and the bathrooms are modern. Outside is a children's play area and a pool, and various entertainment is available during your stay.

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Maciejewo Palace Lakeside Hotel

This 19th century palace is located on Lechiki Lake about 50km from Szczecin. Renovated rooms, wheelchair access, and the pets-welcome policy make this hotel unusual. Old traditional Polish cuisine featured at the restaurant. Guests will find facilities available for golf, swimming, tennis, and horseback riding.


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Amber Palace Lakeside Hotel (Bursztynowy Palac Hotel)

"Traditional Polish Palace Feasts" and antique furniture take guests back in time, but modern spa facilities and other amenities bring the Amber Palace Hotel up to date. Entertainment, including musical concerts and dueling knights, as well as weekend packages (family, romance, relaxation, health, and more) means you are never bored at Bursztynowy Palac Hotel.

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Lagow Castle Lakeside Hotel (Zamek Joannitow)

Lagow Castle has 14 rooms for guests. One of those rooms is the Torture Room, its decoration complete with . . . you guessed it: instruments of torture. If that doesn't appeal, the Commander Room or luxury apartments may be more your style. Bonfires, walks in Lagow, and musical concerts add to your stay. Located between Poznan and Berlin.

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Tuczno Castle (Zamek Tuczno)

Tuczno Castle, by Drawski Lake, is located in the west of Poland. Medieval reinactments and weddings take place at this castle hotel. The surrounding woodland is perfect for leisure activities, but comfortable rooms and contemporary bathrooms make staying inside pleasant as well. An on-site restaurant serves traditional dishes.