A Tour of a Seafood Market in La libertad, El Salvador

Marina K. Villatoro

El Salvador is a neighbor to Guatemala, the country my family and I call home. Both are small enough to be able to take a short road trip and visit its most popular destinations. Because of that we have already visited El Salvador a couple of times. It is a great weekend holiday. 

During a recent trip to this tiny country my family and I were exploring the famous Balsamo Coast. This was one of the main places that I really wanted us to explore. A lot of people know it as a well known place among surfers because it offers some amazing waves.

One of the most exciting things about traveling for me is that even after all of the planning and research you end up discovering tons of places almost unknown for travelers. Places only locals know of. This is exactly what my family and I found during this trip. We unexpectedly got an injection of local life. 

About Puerto La Libertad in El Salvador and its Market

When you first arrive to La Libertad you might think of it as another one of those shady and dirty beach towns that is around in Central America. But take some time to look past all that until you get to its pier. You might be able to find a place that offers a unique experience.

Why Exploring the Pier is a Priceless Experience for the Whole Family:

1. You get to see up close how the fishing industry manages to exist and even thrives every day. It can be entertaining to see fishermen work from a short distance.  

2. My kids were in awe to see so much fish and how it was caught. It can even turn into an educational experience for them.

3. You can also see how fishermen who left home at crazy hours of the morning come back in their small boats filled with many different kinds of fish.

4. After all the craziness on the pier walk into the market and you will see the fish being sold and tons of local ladies bargaining for the freshest fish you could imagine at the stands. 

5. You can even see, hear and smell all of the bustle and commotion of the fishermen, sellers and buyers in this fish market.

6. Don’t forget to stop by one of the food stands. In these little eateries you will get dishes with the freshest seafood that you could ever imagine. Nothing beats a ceviche and a cold beer at 10am.

7. Watch the locals live their daily lives and interact with them. People here are extremely friendly and willing to tell you all about what goes on in the town.

8. If you keep walking and exploring the market you will even find local artists selling their unique work, as well as stands with a few handcrafts.

Over all La Libertad Pier was a fun and unexpected way to spend our free morning. We all got to do something different, outside of the traveler’s path and learned about the main local industry.

These to me are the best kinds of experiences. If you are ever in the area don’t miss out on local fun!

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