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SCOTTEVEST Women's Lightweight Vest


SCOTTEVEST travel clothing may well be aimed at frequent travelers but I'm confident the incredible amount of pockets can help us all be more efficient and still be able to carry all we need. Their clothing is also stylish and I've already reviewed the SCOTTEVEST Women's Trench Coat and wanted to try the lightweight vest as, again, I thought it would be good for visitors to London and other big cities, as well as for real 'traveler' types.

I've also reviewed the SCOTTEVEST Women's SeV Chloe Hoodie too.

I see visitors carrying enormous backpacks and it can't be comfortable all day so I wanted to see if this clothing and its amazing amount of pockets could help.

The vest was SCOTTEVEST's first clothing item and the catalyst for the wide range they now stock. This lightweight vest was added in 2010 making it suitable for warmer climates. Let's have a look and see what's kept this apparently ordinary looking vest so popular.

The vest is made of Teflon-treated lightweight, water-resistant, breathable fabric and is comfortable to wear. There's a mesh lining so no extra weight, bulk or heat is added, but there are 20 pockets.

As with other SCOTTEVEST items, it doesn't stand out as being a travel vest - there are no pockets on display on the front - but inside it's incredibly well organized and the PAN (Pesonal Area Network) means your earphones can be threaded around the neck and stay in place with earbud pockets when not in use. There are two clear touch plastic pockets for your mobile phone and MP3 player and yes, you can work an iPhone through the plastic so don't have to remove it to check diary appointments, etc.

As with the women's trench I was concerned about fitting so much in the pockets and I ordered the next size up. As before, let me assure you that it's not necessary so don't make the same mistake. Simply check your measurements against the size guide and you will still be able to use the pockets fully with the correct size vest. As I have ordered a bigger size, I've been wearing the vest over a sweater on cooler days and there's still space to carry a myriad of items in the pockets.

Airport Security
The SCOTTEVEST vest really comes into its own when going through airport security checks as you no longer have to empty your pockets of phones, keys, loose change, etc. as you simply take off the vest with everything still in the pockets to go through the x-ray machine. There's even a pocket big enough for an iPad!

One Carry-On Bag
Now this rule can work for you as you can put so much in your vest pockets! And there are pockets inside pockets so the weight management system really does seem to work and the pockets are well-placed so you don't have unsightly bulges all over the place. I carried a bottle of water on one side and sun lotion on the other and friends commented that they couldn't see either bottle.

I convinced a friend to buy one of these vests the first time I wore it as she was amazed how flattering the vest is while also carrying so much. From the outside it looks like a standard vest but has had some styling incorporated such as the subtle side flaps on the hip line.

In London we are advised to keep our valuables in zipped pockets so she noticed the hand-warmer pockets have zippers but she then audibly gasped when I showed her the inside pockets. Pickpockets don't stand a chance with this many secure pockets and a bag is much easier to snatch than an item of clothing you are wearing.

All Weather
To keep it suitable for more climates – and in London we have a selection of these each days – I like the lightweight vest and the mesh lining seems strong. I also like the glasses pocket and cleaning cloth on an elastic cord but I will remove the crocodile clip clipped to the cleaning cloth on the end of the elastic and simply sew it onto the cord so the clip doesn't scratch my glasses.

I've found the vest great for when I don't want to carry a bag and I've found it has worked well for everyday use. Plus having no bag has been helpful when out with my young daughter as I've been 'hands-free' so could hold her hand and still open doors, etc.

Back Pocket
As with some other travel vests, there's a large pocket in the outside on the back with a hidden zipper. I popped a spare reuseable shopper bag in there for when buying groceries as I thought that might be pushing the vest's pockets too far. Visitors to London traveling in pairs might like to pop a street map in there (the partner could get the map out whenever needed).

I keep finding things I didn't know such as the fact the vest packs into itself; that is, the vest turns inside out into the back zipped pocket and reduces to 11" by 7" although why you'd pack it away I don't know!

Another discovery came when I told a friend it was like getting a new bag; I needed to get used to which pocket I kept things in and she said, "They should have added labels." Well, they have! Small tags by many of the pockets have icons to show you a suggested use, e.g. camera, glasses, travel documents, etc. (I've also tested a great compact camera which fits easily. See my review of the Canon Ixus 230 HS.)

I can see myself wearing the vest every day and it's felt liberating not having a bag on my shoulder. Order the right size and you'll receive compliments on the great style while enjoying the freedom to carry all you need in comfort.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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