Scorpions in Phoenix, Arizona

Scorpions Live in the Arizona Deserts

We have many varieties of scorpions in the Phoenix area. One of them is especially venomous, but most Phoenix residents tend to think of them as all the same, since they can't tell them apart! Some people see scorpions at their homes all the time and have been stung by scorpions multiple times. Some people never see a scorpion unless they are at the zoo.
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    You might not want to hear it, but we have scorpions here in the Greater Phoenix area. Lots of them. Do we let it ruin our lives? No, just like people who live where there are wasps or jellyfish or snakes or other nasty critters.
    This is your introduction to Arizona scorpions.

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    Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion
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    Let's keep it unemotional for a minute. Here is some general information about scorpions.
    Learn about scorpions.

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    This little guide will help you to identify the scorpion that you are looking at. Hopefully you were able take a picture of it without getting stung!
    How to figure out what kind of scorpion you found.

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    Scorpions don't bite, but scorpions sometimes sting. Unfortunately we have many types of scorpions in Arizona. If you remain calm, it is not difficult to treat a scorpion sting. Even if you are stung by the Arizona bark scorpion -- the most dangerous and venomous of the Arizona scorpions -- it is not likely to be fatal or even to have long-lasting effects.
    What to do if you are stung by a scorpion.

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    Here are some common sense tips that will help control scorpion populations on your property.
    Reduce the number of scorpions at your house.

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    All these scorpions photos were taken in Arizona.
    See scorpion pictures submitted by readers.

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    These Arizona residents have a story to tell about their scorpion sting. Read 99 Arizona scorpion sting stories!

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    This map was created as an educational project, and might give you some insights into the parts of metro Phoenix that typically see more scorpions than others.
    Greater Phoenix Scorpion Map

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    Do people with cats have fewer scorpions, and are cats immune to scorpion venom? Here's what I think.
    Should you get a cat to hunt scorpions?

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    ••• Courtesy Banner Poison Control Center
    Find out more about what happens to the calls that are received by the 24-hour hotline at Banner Poison Control Center in Phoenix. They handle all the calls -- scorpion stings, snake bites, dog bites, ingesting of chemicals, wring medications -- and help callers through the issues.


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    How to Handle a Scorpion Sting

    Here is the video of the article mentioned on the previous page. If you are stung by a scorpion, don't panic and follow these instructions.

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    Keep Scorpions Away From Your Home

    Here is the video of the article mentioned on the previous page. There are plenty of things you can do at your house to reduce the risk of being stung by a scorpion.

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    The Arizona State Fair often features unusual foods. In this photo gallery of fair foods, you can see a picture of a chocolate covered scorpion. Yes, I ate it. You can see the evidence in the AZ State Fair video. Should you eat one? Now that I have done it, you don't have to bother. Spend the money on a midway game.
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    Giant Scorpion Discovered

    A giant scorpion was discovered in Scottsdale, and residents are worried about where its mate might be. Before you get too excited, this article was an April Fool's Day joke. I can tell you I got a lot of emails after this story ran!