SCORE Interactive Sports Exhibit at Luxor Las Vegas (CLOSED)


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SCORE is an interactive Hall of Fame museum where seven sports are under one roof. You get to sign a pro contract, go to the combine, stick handle, change a tire and get in touch with your favorite sport while getting up close and personal with some very cool sports memorabilia.

Walk around long enough and you’ll think back to those few years when you were sure you could break into the big leagues. You'll be impressed by the boxing exhibit and become a hockey fan when you here the roar roar of the crowd. You might toss a baseball like a major league pitcher or act out your NASCAR fantasy as well.

SCORE Interactive Sports Exhibit at Luxor Las Vegas

Location: Luxor Las Vegas
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702.262.4200

Hours for 10am to 10pm :

Description of SCORE Las Vegas:
SCORE is a sports fanatic dream as you make your way through 8 different exhibits that give you an insight into the world of sports from the view of what the athlete experience all the way through the fan experience.

The tour takes a long or as little time as you want. Truthfully there is so much cool stuff in the exhibit that you will have to pace yourself through it all. I could easily spend 2 hours just in the hockey section.

SCORE has partnered with a few Hall of Fames to bring genuine artifacts to the Las Vegas trip and then created an experience that allows fans to get in side the games they love.

What to Expect at SCORE Las Vegas?
Expect to spend a couple of hours trying to stick handle in an NHL arena or changing a tire on the track at a NASCAR event. You can test you reaction skills in the NFL section or compare your vertical a leap with the NBA greats.

The Highlights at SCORE Las Vegas

  • I’m a hockey fan so taking a look at the gloves through the years or the giant poster of the LA Kings Stanley Cup celebration is enough for me. However, challenging my kids in the stick handling competition is worth the admission price.
  • Put a baseball in your hand and attempt to a light up the radar gun. Test that arm that you were sure would get you the big leagues.
  • Take a look at Marcus Allen’s Heisman trophy
  • The boxing section is very impressive. You‘ll see a few artifacts from the boxing world that are intriguing and they will definitely spark your curiosity. I was surprised by how much time I spent in this section of the exhibit and I’m not much of a boxing fan.

    Who is SCORE Las Vegas Good For?
    This is a great exhibit for the family that watches sports together or for the sport fanatic that loves the details. The interactive exhibits allow for some friendly com petition and there is nothing as satisfying as kids beating their parents at something

    How Much Does SCORE Las Vegas cost? 
    Adults: $28
    Locals w/ ID: $20
    Children Under 12: $15

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