Schitt's Creek Fans Can Get a Little Bit Alexis on This New Themed Cruise

Get in, bébés—we're going cruising

Celebrity Summit

Courtesy of Flip Phone Events

Fans of the mega-popular Canadian television show "Schitt's Creek" should get their T-Rex arms in prime position: A new fan cruise celebrating the show and its passionate fanbase will be launching next year.

From Minneapolis-based Flip Phone, the same events company that launched "Golden Fans at Sea," comes the "Schitt's Creek"-themed "Moira's Party Boat: Ew, Cruising." Setting sail from Miami, the four-night fan cruise will travel through Key West and Nassau, Bahamas, from March 30 to April 3, 2023.

The cruise will take place on Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Summit ship, which was first launched in 2001 and underwent a significant refurbishment in 2019. Upgrades include new staterooms with eXhale bedding and cashmere mattresses, enhanced design concepts, and new technology across the ship.

The fan voyage will include sun, fun, and plenty of fruit wine, alongside themed events like "Alexis' Bar Crawl," "Jocelyn's Bingo Jamboree," and even a "Night of 1,000 Moiras"—so be sure to pack a wig. Fans can also expect game shows, trivia, and karaoke. And while the original cast will not be in attendance, plenty of drag queens will.

Fares begin at $999.99 per person for an inside cabin, which includes a basic drink package and Wi-Fi. If, like Moira, you have a craving for luxury, Celebrity Cruises' Royal Suites are also available—those rooms start at $3,999.99.

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