The Best Scenic RV Campsites In The United States

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Hitting the road in a comfortable RV is one of the best holiday experiences that you can enjoy in the United States, and whether you are staying in each location for just one night or pitching up for the week, there are many campsites that offer truly wonderful scenery. While some of these campsites may be quiet and secluded, in many cases other travelers may well have the same idea as you, so where possible it is best to book in advance. Whether you’re looking for coastal beauty, mountain vistas or interesting rocky landscapes, the USA has some great places to park the RV.


North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park


The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest attractions in the United States, and if you plan on taking a trip there in your RV then there is no doubt that this is the place to be when it comes to parking up for the night. Be prepared to pay a little extra for those spots which face out over the rim of the canyon as they do enjoy the best views, but this is certainly an excellent place to watch the sun coming up over the majestic colorful rocks and beautiful surroundings.


Boyd’s Key West Campground, Florida


For those wanting something a bit more adventurous from their Florida holiday, this campground is right by the water and offers some amazing activities to enjoy on the deep blue water of the Atlantic. Although it is possible to head into town to enjoy some of the night life, the campground regularly hosts parties around the pool, while the facilities are also very good.


Sage Creek Primitive Campground, Badlands National Park


This campground may not offer hookups or facilities like an on-site swimming pool and games room, but it does have herds of bison that pass through the area which can be an amazing sight to see. This is one of the great places if you want to get out into the natural wilderness of South Dakota, and is also one of the most interesting and wildest places to spend the night.


Rocky Knob Campground, Virginia


If you like to get out into the forest during your break, then this campground that is surrounded by woodland in Virginia is definitely one to consider. There is a series of great hiking trails and fishing spots just yards from the door of the RV, while a short distance from the campground are several wineries that offer tours and tasting sessions throughout the summer season.


River’s Edge RV Park, Alaska


As the name suggests, this RV Park has sites that face directly on to the slowly flowing water of the Chena River, and the lovely woodland setting makes for a relaxing place to stay. The season runs from May to September, and offers a range of hookup options and facilities such as an on-site restaurant and can even help organize trips to explore more of the stunning Alaskan scenery.


Memaloose Campground, Oregon


Located on the banks of the Columbia River with amazing views over the other side of the valley, this campground is a lovely quiet place to relax and simply enjoy the surroundings. There are some luxuries available including toilets and hookups, and it is worth calling in advance to book the best spots right by the banks of the river, where you can enjoy an evening and early morning in some of the best scenery in the west of the country. 


Mount Desert Narrows Camping Resort, Maine


Offering a selection of sites including those that overlook the ocean, this campground offers some wonderful scenery and also has a swimming pool on-site, along with a good range of facilities. The campground is within easy reach of the Acadia National Park, where hiking and mountain biking trails are the perfect way to enjoy a fun day.


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