Scandinavia in November

Aurora Borealis in Scandinavia
••• Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). (c) Courtesy of NASA

The Month of November:

Approaching the holiday season, November leads into the Scandinavian winter. Even today winter continues to be the one inescapable fact of life in the North. The season comes early and lasts long, and it’s dark – sometimes drearily so. However, tourism traffic in Scandinavia is very low in this month, which means big savings for off-season visitors (e.g. hotel prices). With the fall foliage and warmer weather gone, the typical winter activities are now starting!

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Weather in November in Scandinavia:

In November, winter has definitely arrived in Scandinavia. In many parts, there is a good deal of wind and rainfall, which turns into snow further north. Many low pressure systems now moving across Scandinavia bring changeable weather. Passages of cold fronts can produce precipitation and still be followed by clear weather with few clouds.

For exact temperatures at your Scandinavian destination and monthly averages, visit Weather in Scandinavia!

November Events:

Early Nov: All Saints' Day (businesses open)
Early Nov: Autumn Jazz Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark
Late Nov: Hanukkah/Chanukah
All Winter: The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Packing Tips for November Travelers:

Make sure to use many layers for your outfits - this month can get very cold during the day and freezing at night. You will want to be prepared for different temperatures if you plan on visiting indoor locations like museums or restaurants.

Use thicker longsleeve shirts layered with a breathable, but warm fleece or wool sweater on top. This will enable you to take off the warm outer layer when you're indoors. If you plan to go skiing or sledding, also pack well insulated clothing.

Traditional Scandinavian Holidays in November:

Early Nov: All Saints' Day
Nov 10: The Feast of Saint Martin
Late Nov - Mid Dec: Hanukkah in Scandinavia.

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