Scandinavia in March

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\March in Scandinavia is a great month for travel because it is in the off-season. This means Scandinavia travelers can get a cheaper vacation in March. Summer activities are usually opening this or next month. The weather during spring in Scandinavia can still be wet, but temperatures are climbing. The dreary winter days are over and there is much more daylight available now. Also a great month for a late ski trip to Norway's ski resorts!

The Weather in March

The climate is unstable in March with possible late winter storms near the North Sea. However, in the southern half of Scandinavia flowers begin to bloom in late March and the spring in Scandinavia begins in earnest. The weather is warming up, with average daily temperatures of 25 - 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the length of daylight increases to 9-10 hours now.

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National Holidays in March

Movable holidays this month are the Easter holidays: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday and there are various interesting Easter traditions in Scandinavia. March 25 is Waffle Day in Sweden.

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March Events & Activities

March 1: Beer Day in Iceland

Mid Mar: Skiing Events in Norway

March 25: Waffle Day in Sweden

Late March: Reykjavik Blues Festival, Iceland

Late March: Copenhagen Catwalk in Copenhagen

Packing Tips for March Trips

Lighter coats are necessary for Scandinavia's spring months. Since mornings and nights can still be rather cold, it is advisable to bring along sweaters, cardigans, or jackets, so you can layer clothing easily and comfortably.

Furthermore, raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the season, are always a good idea to bring along. Tough and comfortable shoes are also essential for a Scandinavian vacation if you want to enjoy outdoor activities.