Scandinavia in March

The Weather, Packing Tips and Events

Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images

March in Scandinavia or the Nordic region is a great month for travel because it is in the off-season. Travelers to the area can get better rates for a vacation. Summer activities usually start in March or April. The weather during spring in Scandinavia can still be wet, but temperatures are beginning their climb. The dreary winter days are over, and there is much more daylight available now. You can also sneak in a late ski trip to Norway's ski resorts.

The Weather 

During the spring, the climate can be unstable with possible late winter storms near the North Sea in March. The air is warming up, with average daily temperatures of 25 to 42 degrees. In the southern half of Scandinavia, flowers begin to bloom and the spring is in earnest. The length of daylight increases to nine to 10 hours now.

Packing Tips 

Lighter coats are necessary for Scandinavia's spring months. Since mornings and nights can still be rather cold, it is advisable to bring along sweaters, cardigans, or jackets, so you can layer clothing easily. Raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the season, are always a good idea to bring. Shoes that are comfortable and that can take a lot of rugged adventuring are essential for a Scandinavian vacation especially if you want to enjoy outdoor activities.

Must See

Due to its northern position on the earth and proximity to the north pole, Scandinavian countries have some unique natural phenomena to check out.

Take the opportunity to see the aurora borealis, or the northern lights, until April. Other interesting phenomena include the polar night and polar day effect, like the "midnight sun."


Easter holidays are movable dates in March (and sometimes April). They are Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday.

Scandinavia's annual events and holidays may sometimes affect travel, be sure to take a look.

Eastertime Traditions

There are a variety of Easter traditions in Scandinavia that differ from the rest of the world. For example, in some Scandinavian countries like Sweden, the children dress up like witches paying homage to the country's witch hunt history. Much like America's Halloween, the children go from house to house collecting candies.

In Denmark, kids make special, often intricate letters, called gækkebreve, for their family members and friends, and the recipient has to guess who sent it.

The theme of "whodunnit" is also popular in Norway in March. During this month, detective novels are all the rage as are the television shows centered around mystery stories.

Before Christianity came to the region, the holiday was pegged to the spring equinox and the arrival of spring. As Easter is now based on the Christian holiday celebrated around the world, several traditions are similar to the American Easter. Families in Scandinavia may have a large feast and plastic eggs are filled with candies or real eggs are painted to be eaten on Easter day.

Events and Activities

There are a number of unique events in March in Scandinavia.

You can celebrate waffles and beer, watch sporting events and fashion expos, or attend music festivals that rival others held around the world.