Events and Weather for Scandinavia in August

This is Bleik island (Bleiks?ya), on the northwest coast of Norway. Picture was taken from Norway's 10th largest island, And?ya.It was a beautiful midnight sunset. The lights, clouds and sky was amazing.
••• Frank Olsen, Norway/Getty Images

Scandinavia has a lot to offer in August. August has mild weather great for trips, tours, and Scandinavian sightseeing, and offers long, warm days with countless outdoor events. While the summer season is wonderful for travelers, it also means flights and hotels are a little more expensive - which you can easily avoid with budget travel tips for Scandinavia.

Weather in August in Scandinavia

In August, Scandinavia has warm, pleasant weather.

Average daily temperatures this month easily reach 70 - 74 degrees Fahrenheit in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Meanwhile, Iceland averages close to 60 degrees. For details on your destination's weather and the monthly average temperatures in Scandinavia's big cities, visit this list of weather in Scandinavia!

In Iceland as well as in Norway's Spitzbergen August is the best time for travelers to experience one of Scandinavia's natural phenomena: the Midnight Sun. This is a beautiful weather phenomenon that keeps the sun in the sky at night.

August Activities and Events

  • Early August: Stockholm Pride in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Early August: Etne Market Days in Etne, Norway
  • Early August: Øya Festival in Oslo, Norway
  • Mid-August: Reykjavik Gay Pride, Iceland
  • Mid-August: Copenhagen Fashion Week
  • Mid-August: Chamber Music Festival in Oslo, Norway
  • Mid-August: Oslo Jazz Festival, Norway
  • Mid-August: Emigration Festival in Växjö, Sweden
  • Mid-August: Malmö Festival, Sweden
  • Mid-August: Reykjavik Marathon, Iceland
  • Mid-August: Copenhagen Pride Week, Denmark
  • Mid-August: Reykjavik Cultural Night, Iceland
  • Mid-August: The Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Late August: European Medieval Festival in Horsens, Denmark
  • Late August-Early September: Aarhus Festival, Denmark
  • Late August-Early September: Norwegian Food Festival in Alesund, Norway
  • Late August-Early September: Reykjavik Jazz Festival, Iceland

Public Holidays

Bank holidays (national/public holidays) can affect your travel through business closures, more crowds, etc. The only Scandinavian holiday in August is Commerce Day (Tradesmen's Day) in Iceland, which falls on the first Monday in August.

Packing Tips for Travel

Short sleeves are perfectly fine for travel during summer in Scandinavia. In case travelers hit bad weather, they should always carry a comfortable sweater or a cardigan/light jacket, though. This layers clothing easily and is comfortable. Travelers with a destination in Iceland will have to bring warmer clothing. Furthermore, weatherproof raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the season, are always a good idea for Scandinavia travelers to bring along. Tough and comfortable shoes are also essential for your vacation if you enjoy outdoor activities. Otherwise, sneakers will be fine for city travel.