How to Save Money On Your Hong Kong Car Rental

Hong Kong Traffic Jam

Want to rent a car in Hong Kong to help you get about town? We’ve got the companies and prices listed below. But first, we’ve got some advice.

Do You Need To Rent A Car in Hong Kong?

The truth is that few people need to hire a car in Hong Kong. This is a very, very compact city with a first-rate public transport system that covers every inch of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The city’s MTR metro system is particularly impressive. Forget the New York metro or London’s Tube, the MTR is new, clean, air-conditioned and safe. It’s also quicker to get around on than in a car. Over 80% of journeys in Hong Kong are via public transport; even residents that own a car prefer to use the MTR to travel – and for a very good reason.

Hong Kong Driving Conditions

There’s not a lot of space in Hong Kong and driving conditions are difficult. While roads are well maintained, they tend to be small, and with so little road space traffic in the city tends to be bumper to bumper. Hong Kong has one of the highest cars to road space densities in the world, particularly around north Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Parking is also very expensive. Very few hotels will offer car parking space,  and in the few private parking, lots that are available prices are eye-watering.

It’s also worth mentioning that driving in Hong Kong is British style; left-hand drive and manual gears.

Who Should Hire a Car in Hong Kong?

Realistically, there a very few people who will need to hire a car in Hong Kong. Of course, there are exceptions. In the unlikely event you are staying in the New Territories, and away from the MTR lines, you might consider a car hire in Hong Kong. Roads in the New Territories are more spacious and there are a handful of impressive drives.​

Hong Kong Car Hire Firms

Ok, so you’ve decided you want to hire a car in Hong Kong. There are a few things to know; because of the lack of demand for car rental options are fewer than in other major city destinations. Prices also tend to be steeper.

In general, smaller, local firms tend to offer the cheapest rates. HAWK and Jubilee International Tour Company offer daily rates on their cheapest cars starting at around HK$600. That said, international firms such as AVIS and Hertz do regularly feature promotional offers and they are always worth investigating as well. Your first port of call should probably be an aggregator such as Kayak, which will compare offers from various companies. Most companies will also offer chauffeur driven services and long-term rental options. As with anywhere, age and driving experience will be factors in the rate.

There are some destination factors to consider before you take out your rental. Do factor in the cost of full insurance cover. The sheer number of cars on the road in Hong Kong makes bumps, scratches, and dents an inevitability the longer you drive here. Similarly, and especially with local companies, do a check​ over the car before having it signed over. You don’t want to end up paying for someone else's misadventure.

Taking Your Rental Car to China

As far as we are aware, there are currently no car rental companies in Hong Kong that allow you to take a car across the border to China. International firms, instead, will offer a chauffeur driven service between either your arrival point and destination or between their Hong Kong and China-based rental offices. Of course, that comes at a price.

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