How to Save Money on U.S. Travel for Popular Destinations

If you are determined to save money on U.S. travel at popular destinations, you'll need good information.

The stories linked from this page that will help you plan budget friendly travel to popular destinations such as New York, the Grand Canyon and Walt Disney World. Other links take you to information about American destinations frequently overlooked. Don't miss the historic charm of St. Augustine, Florida as you rush to Orlando. Atlanta is a wonderful city to visit, but so is nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee, which offers a myriad of activities and amenities at sometimes bargain prices.  

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New York City for Free

You can walk the Brooklyn Bridge and pay no admission fee.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Perhaps you think of New York City as an expensive place. That's generally an accurate perception. But there are ways to make a visit to the city more affordable. Start with this: many of the most worthwhile travel experiences in the Big Apple cost absolutely nothing. Check out 10 free attractions for a start. You'll be inspired to find many more. 

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How to Save Money at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's greatest natural wonders.
(c)Mark D. Kahler

Planning is the key to any successful visit to the Grand Canyon, even if saving money isn't a major concern. But if you'll be visiting on a budget, there are steps you should take to ensure a visit packed with value as well as excitement. This step-by-step approach to saving money at the Grand Canyon is easy to follow and rewarding when the bills come due.

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8 Common Mistakes in Las Vegas Travel

Learn to avoid money traps in Las Vegas.
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Within a day's travel of the Grand Canyon is the playground known as Las Vegas. Frequently, travelers delude themselves into thinking Las Vegas will be inexpensive because everything they need is in one relatively small area. But misconceptions such as this can result in blown budgets. Your hotel room, for example, can cost significantly more on The Strip than another room just a few blocks away. It's one of at least eight common mistakes made by Las Vegas travelers --  here's how to avoid those wrong turns.

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How to Save Money at Disney

A value-packed trip to Walt Disney World requires wise use of time and money.
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A visit to Disney World can be expensive, but many travelers make the mistake of seeing expenditures only in terms of cash. If you're going to plan a value-packed trip, it's important to consider the time you spend as well as the money that slips through your fingers. Wasting time here really wastes money. Take a look at 10 steps toward a value-packed visit to Disney World theme parks.

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8 Common Mistakes in Orlando Travel

Sunset on Lake Iola in downtown Orlando.
Rick Friedman / Contributor / Getty Images

Orlando is an attractive destination, and this list of possible travel pitfalls is in no way intended to discourage budget travelers from visiting Central Florida. But if you go, you should be aware of these common and potentially costly budget pitfalls that are unique to the Orlando area.

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America's Oldest City is Often Overlooked

The colonial quarter in St. Augustine depicts life under Spanish and English rule.
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St. Augustine, on Florida's "First Coast," is the oldest continually inhabited city in the United States. Its historic district is filled with charm and fascinating stories that many Florida visitors bypass in a rush to get to theme parks and ritzy beach resorts. But St. Augustine offers quieter beaches, a slower pace, and frequently lower prices than many of its better-known neighbors. Re-discover St. Augustine on your next trip to the Sunshine State.

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How to Save Money at Six Flags Parks

Learn to make your trip to a Six Flags theme park affordable.
(c)Mark D. Kahler

When money is tight, many potential long-distance travelers opt to stay closer to home. For that reason, it pays to own stock in theme parks during periods of economic downturn. Although less expensive than a tour of Europe, a theme park vacation also can result in high costs. If you're interested in the benefits of a theme park adventure close to home, check out a step-by-step approach to saving money at Six Flags parks. Here you'll find links to online tickets that save you the wait in lines, and helpful tips for keeping your budget healthy once you're inside the park boundaries.

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Atlanta on a Budget

Atlanta offers many budget travel opportunities.
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

Atlanta is home to one of the world's busiest airports, a host of significant historic sites, and a dynamic nightlife. Many visitors arrive here for a short stay, perhaps on business or as a weekend visitor. Without careful planning, it's easy to miss out on some of Atlanta's finest attractions. It's also possible to pay too much for the experience. Check out some budget tips for visiting Atlanta

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Chattanooga's Wide Array of Attractions

Whitewater rafting can require a leap of faith for some travelers.
OAR Whitewater Outfitters

 Poll Atlanta's millions of visitors each year. How many are aware that about two hours to the north is a revitalized city that offers stunning outdoor recreational activities, a world-class aquarium, and some excellent dining? This describes the once-decaying city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Today's Chattanooga provides a long list of possible activities for your itinerary without the big-city hotel and restaurant prices. Plan a value-added trip to Chattanooga.

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