Save Money on Minnesota Twins Baseball Tickets

Cheap Tickets, Deals, Special Offers and Other Ways to Save Money

Looking to save money on Minnesota Twins baseball tickets? If you want to see the Minnesota Twins play at Target Field and save money, here's some ways to find cheap Minnesota Twins baseball tickets.

For the 2010 season, the Minnesota Twins are playing at their brand new ballpark, Target Field, a much heralded return to outdoor baseball from being cooped up inside the Metrodome and forced to share with the Minnesota Vikings. The new stadium is pretty, the Minnesota Twins are optimistic about the season, Joe Mauer just extended his contract, and playing in the fresh air instead of under a teflon roof is more enjoyable for the players and spectators. So, demand for tickets is high, and deals and discounts are going to be rare.

Here's a couple of ways to save money on Twins tickets.

Finding the Cheapest Seats at Target Field

Minnesota Twins tickets are sold at several pricing levels. Season ticket holders get the cheapest tickets which cost the same for each game. Then, the games are divided up into Value Pricing, Select Pricing, and Premium Pricing, with the games expected to be the most exciting being Premium.

Select Pricing tickets cost $2 more than Value Pricing tickets. Premium Pricing tickets cost $3 more than Select Pricing tickets. Or, to put it another way, a Field View seat, the cheapest on sale, cost $11.00 for a Value Pricing game, $13.00 for a Select Pricing game, and $16.00 for a Premium Pricing game.

Special Offers for Dogs and Soda

Discounts for Children, Students and Seniors

Avoid Online Ticket Purchase Fees

The Resale Ticket Market

Unofficially, craigslist is another resale outlet for Minnesota Twins tickets. Scams are common in the ticket resale market, but there are also plenty of legitimate ticket sellers, and if you use common sense you can usually avoid being ripped off.

Watching the Minnesota Twins For Free

If you have keen eyes, and don't mind a little jostling for the best view for popular games, Target Field has several street level "knotholes" along Fifth Street to allow fans to watch the game without buying a ticket.

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