Sara Glafcke

Sara Glafcke has worked full time as a freelance writer since the end of 2009, focusing on web content and short news pieces.


Sara fell into the profession of freelance writing by accident, but it fits her free-spirited nature well. After a brief return to the north, she's back in the Triangle for good this time. Sara has written both travel and blog pieces about the area for several different websites and enjoys exploring all the area has to offer.


Sara has a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications (mass communications) from Indiana University.

Sara Glafcke

I started life as a die-hard New Yorker, growing up in a suburb of the Big Apple. Leaving the area to attend college in Indiana, I gradually began to see the possibilities of life outside the Northeast. After staying in Indiana for two years following college, I moved to Raleigh at the end of 2005. After coming and going several times, it seems I just can't stay away! The laid-back feel of the area is definitely a better fit for my personality than New York. Plus the lack of cold winters doesn't hurt either! I look forward to sharing with readers all the Triangle region has to offer.

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