How to Travel From Santa Monica to Disneyland Park by Car, Bus, and Tram

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, CA

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Disneyland Park is a beloved theme park in Anaheim outside Los Angeles, and visitors coming from the beach city of Santa Monica in LA have various ways to travel between the two spots. Options include renting a vehicle or taking your own; getting around via taxis, rideshare apps, or private driving services; using a combination of buses and trams; and riding tour buses. It's about 40 miles (64 kilometers) from the Santa Monica Pier—a great reference point since most of the Santa Monica area hotels are in the general vicinity—to Disneyland Park.

  Time Cost Best For
Bus/Tram 2.5 hours $3 and up Saving money
Tour Bus 3 hours or more From $55 Sightseeing
Car 45 minutes 40 miles (64 kilometers)
$5 each way in gas
Arriving quickly

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Santa Monica to Disneyland Park?

If money is a bigger issue than time, it is possible to get from the Downtown Santa Monica light rail station to Disneyland Park on public transportation using a combination of the Metro Los Angeles E Line (Expo) tram and bus, and you only need to transfer once. That route will take a bit more than 2.5 hours and entail walking about .53 miles (0.85 kilometers). Costs are very inexpensive at around $3 one way.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get From Santa Monica to Disneyland Park?

Driving is the quickest way from Santa Monica to Disneyland Park, typically taking about 45 minutes, depending on traffic. Renting a car starts at about $50, and whether you rent or take your own car, it will cost on average $5 in gas each way.

If you'd like to remove the stress of being behind the wheel in LA, taking a taxi will typically cost between $170 and $201 dollars one way. Taxis operating in Santa Monica include Santa Monica Yellow Cab, Santa Monica Taxi, Metro Cab Santa Monica, and others. You can ask for a vehicle that will accommodate you or take multiple taxis if you have more than four people. Personal ride-share apps allow you to catch a ride in someone's private car for a lower fee than a taxi would charge. Services operating in LA include ​Uber/UberX/UberXL/Comfort and Lyft. If you want a little luxury or have more people than will fit in your average taxi, consider hiring a private car—this can also be a faster way to arrive. Vehicles fit from four to 35 passengers and range from limos to SUVs and vans. Another environmentally-friendly alternative is Motev which allows travelers to enjoy a ride in an electric Tesla.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Disneyland Park?

Usually, the least crowded times to go to Disneyland Park are weekdays and the months when children are in school: January through March, May, September, and early November (as long as holidays and holiday weekends are avoided). However, if you are seeking the most events, entertainment, and rides to choose from, major school breaks and weekends would be an ideal time to visit. It is a good idea to check Disneyland Park's calendar to plan your trip around events your family may want to attend.

What’s the Most Scenic Route to Disneyland Park?

For those staying in Los Angeles, StarLine Tours will take you to Disneyland Park and transport you to and from your hotel in a tour lasting about 9.5 hours—this option usually has a price of $55 for adults and $45 for children. For those who want to see more than Disneyland Park, the company offers packages that range from a few hours to multiple days and cost on average $87. The tours include not only picking you up at your hotel but a trip to Disneyland Park and other fun Southern California destinations like Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and celebrity homes in the beach city of Malibu. Contact the company for specifics about schedules, prices, and which hotels they pick up from.

What Is There to Do in Disneyland Park?

The world-famous theme park that opened in 1955 offers a huge variety of family-friendly activities, including well-known rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain. Kids and their parents also enjoy shows and parades, multiple options for dining and shopping, attractions from haunted mansions to an art gallery to meeting the beloved characters such as Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I take public transportation from Santa Monica to Disneyland?

    You can take the Metro E Line from Downtown Santa Monica to LATTC/Ortho Institute then transfer to the 460 bus at the Flower/Adams stop and ride to Disneyland.

  • How much is an Uber from Santa Monica to Disneyland?

    The cost will depend on when you leave but expect to pay around $80 not including a tip to your driver.

  • How long does it take to get to Santa Monica from Disneyland?

    Driving is the fastest method and takes around 45 minutes. Public transportation takes two hours and 30 minutes and a tour bus can take upwards of three hours.

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