Sandra Ketcham

Sandra Ketcham has been writing about travel (and other topics) for nearly two decades. She has a passion for road trips, urban planning and avocados, and she lives with her family and tiny black cat in downtown Orlando.

When she's not writing about Orlando, she's busy collecting seahorses, exploring the East Coast or watching movies with her children.

Her email address has changed. You can now reach Sandra at


Sandra has been traveling around the country since her second birthday, and she's spent enough time overseas to know she loves living in the United States.

Sandra's work appears in numerous web and print publications, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Style Magazine, USA Today,, Gadling,, Visit Florida and Kraze Magazine.

Her fiction and poetry have appeared in dozens of literary journals, both in print and online, and she's currently working on a full-length collection of flash fiction.

Sandra Ketcham

I love living in Orlando and sharing my passion for this city with others. I hope that one day Orlando will be known more for its thriving arts scene, unique restaurants, and natural beauty than for its theme parks and alligators.

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