Review of Brava Nightclub in San Juan

 Is there a better place to be when the sun goes down than Club Brava? If you like a sexy crowd, terrific music mixed by talented DJs, and ample space to dance and chill, then the answer is no. Brave gets my vote for hottest club in San Juan with its two floors and several bars providing ample spaces to hang out. The location in the El San Juan Hotel only helps.

Some Cons

It can get highly selective on weekends, so dress to impress if you want to get in. Given its popularity, it can get packed despite the large space. Plus, the $20 cover (guys and girls) is steep.

Guide Review

The El San Juan Hotel has a bit of everything. A terrific casino (in my opinion, the best in San Juan); a great restaurant and lounge in Koco; and what I feel is the best club in Puerto Rico: Brava.

What makes Brava the best? For starters, it's got space: a huge dance floor, several bars, a VIP room, and outdoor terraces are spread out over two levels. Of course, all that space would mean little if there weren't people in it, which brings me to my next point: Brava consistently attracts a young, well-dressed crowd that loves to party. Then there's the music: a mix of house, techno, hip hop, and raggaetón. Guest DJs abound, celebs can often be spotted in the VIP Room, and the place will keep you on your feet until 5 am.

All that means long lines on weekend nights because Brava is the place to be. It also means that you have to belong. Show up in your company logo tee shirt and jeans, and you might be stuck listening to the muffled thumping of the music from the outside for a long time.

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