San Gregorio Nude Beach

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    San Gregorio Nude Beach Description

    San Gregorio Beach from the Air
    ••• San Gregorio Beach from the Air. Google Maps

    San Gregorio Beach is the country's oldest nude beach (since 1967). It's a large, popular beach with sand, caves and more. It's open every day, but hours are longer on weekends.

    Don't confuse this privately-owned operation with the state beach which is right next door.

    Stay in the nude section north of the Hazardous Surf sign, or the rangers for the adjacent state park may cite you.

    Some visitors complain about people having sex in the driftwood structures near the beach. If you see a T-shirt hanging on a pole, it means the site is "occupied."


    Get a map and directions on page 3.


    • Two miles of soft sand, caves, cliffs, and driftwood
    • Long, wide and clean
    • Dogs are allowed on weekdays only
    • Privately owned, admission charged

    Who's at San Gregorio Beach

    • 50-200 people, thinly spread out
    • Popular with gay men - straights gravitate to the south end

    San Gregorio Beach Facilities

    Chemical toilets in the parking lot

    San Gregorio Beach Activities

    Surf fishing, tide...MORE pooling. Swimming not recommended

    More Nude Beaches Close to San Gregorio

    Devil's Slide (Grey Whale Cove) is about 10 miles north. From San Mateo County, it's also easy to reach San Francisco County Nude Beaches and Santa Cruz County Nude Beaches- or even Marin County Nude Beaches.

    Nudity Laws and San Gregorio Beach

    You can find a summary of the local public nudity laws by scrolling to the bottom of this page about San Mateo County nude beaches.

    Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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    San Gregorio Beach Reviews and Rating

    Entrance to San Gregorio Beach
    ••• Entrance to San Gregorio Beach. Google Street View

    The Bay Guardian newspaper gives San Gregorio a grade of "A," and our readers seem to like it, too.

    According to the Bay Guardian: " may be a little shocked by the provocative behavior that is sometimes happening in the driftwood structures on the slope leading down to the beach." See the cautions on the previous page for ways to avoid surprises.

    Rating San Gregorio Beach for Clothing Optional Recreation

    We polled more than 6,700 of our readers to find out which San Mateo County nude beach they like best. 62% voted for Grey Whale and 28% for San Gregorio.

    When we asked them to review San Gregorio, 40% rated it excellent and 10% said is was good but with a few flaws.

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    Getting to San Gregorio Beach

    San Mateo County Beaches
    ••• San Mateo County Beaches. Google Maps

    If you want an interactive version of the map above, would like to convert to a close-up satellite map that shows the beaches and trails or need driving directions, use our San Mateo County Beach map at Google.

    Driving Directions

    San Gregorio Beach is the country's oldest nude beach (since 1967), but that doesn't make it easy to find.

    You'll have a better chance if you follow the directions carefully. The entrance to the beach is shown on the previous page. There's no sign - and you'd think it was the entrance to some farmer's pasture. 

    The entrance is on the west side of Ca Hwy 1 just north of its intersection with CA Hwy 84

    You can find it by watching the mileage markers if you know how. It's between mileposts 18 and 19. Find out how to interpret a California milepost marker

    If you're driving south on CA Hwy 1 from Half Moon Bay, watch on the right side of the road for Telephone Call Box number SM 001 0195, which is located at the intersection of Stage Rd...MORE and CA Hwy 1 and near an iron gate with trees on it. From there, it's 1.1 miles to the entrance. When you see the Jct 84 highway sign, the driveway is only 0.1 mile away. Look for a gravel driveway and a gate (address on the gate post is 119429) on your right.

    If you are driving north on CA Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz, the entrance is on the left side of the highway, just after you pass the parking lot for San Gregorio State Beach and the road sign that points toward San Gregorio, La Honda, and Redwood City. Look for a gravel driveway and a gate on your left.

    If you are driving from the Bay Area on CA Hwy 84, turn right onto CA Hwy 1 and immediately start looking for a gravel driveway and a gate on your left. The address on the gate post is 119429.


    There is a parking fee at San Gregorio, with a per-car minimum.

    You could also park at the south end of the San Gregorio State Beach lot (which also charges a fee) and walk in along the beach, but this route can get cut off at high tide.

    Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

    Follow the long path from the parking lot