San Francisco in July

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    San Francisco in July

    Fireworks! San Francisco in July
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    July's Big Holiday

    Independence Day in San Francisco and the Rest of CaliforniaThere's a day-long celebration, capped by twin fireworks displays over the waterfront.

    Things That Look Like Fun to Do in July

    It's a good thing I can make lists because I find so many fun things to do that I'd forget them all. These are a few things on my "That Looks Interesting" list:

    San Francisco July Events

    Fillmore Jazz FestivalJazz music is the focus here, along with some great food.

    San Francisco Marathon: Runners in this unique, urban marathon get a good tour of the city - which can make it hard for the rest of us to get around until they're done.

    Berkeley Kite Festival: Colorful festival of kites pleasing crowds for over 30 years.

    Things That Are  Especially Fun in July

    Summer is the time for outdoor concerts, and June through August is the season for the Stern Grove Festival. You can't beat the performers, the price (free) or the laid-back San Francisco ambiance at this outdoor summer concert series.

    July is the blue whale and humpback whale season around San Francisco. Find out how, when and where in the San Francisco whale watching guide.

    If you get caught feeling half-frozen on a foggy day, it's a good time to try one of the real San Francisco treats. Irish coffee first landed on US shores in San Francisco and the bar that introduced it is still going strong. Find out more.

    After the sun goes down in July, you'll find some fun things that you can't do any other time of year. Check them out in the guide to San Francisco summer nights.

    Special Events in July

    The annual events listed above happen every year, but they're not all that's going on in San Francisco in July. If you're looking for a fun concert, sporting event or theatrical performance try these resources:

    • All you have to do is sign up for a free account with Goldstar to get access to discounted tickets for performances and save on some San Francisco attractions. Even better, it's just as useful when you're at home as it is when you're visiting San Francisco.
    • For a look at local events, check the San Francisco Chronicle's entertainment section.
    • The Major League Baseball season runs from March through early October, and San Francisco has one of the prettiest stadiums around. If the San Francisco Giants are playing at home, watching a game is a fun way to spend a few hours. We like to go to afternoon games because it's warmer than night games. 
    • The Oakland A's play baseball across the Bay.
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    More About San Francisco in June

    Kites flying at Berkeley Kite Festival.
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    What to Expect from San Francisco Weather in July

    By July, San Francisco's typical weather pattern includes lots of fog, and on the average, you'll encounter fewer days of sunshine than in the spring or fall. That fog is wet, and the winds that accompany it make it all feel much cooler than the thermometer reading might imply.

    "Isn't this California?" you may ask. Of course it is, but think about it - all those television shows and movies that gave you the idea that the whole state is sunny were filmed in Los Angeles, weren't they?

    For the same reasons, July isn't the best month to go to the beach in San Francisco. It's likely to be gray and foggy, and the water is frigid.

    In July, you can expect about 14 hours of daylight for exploring the city. 

    • Average High Temperature: 69°F/21°C
    • Average Low Temperature: 55°F/13°C
    • Rain & Clouds Index: 0.04 inches (0.1 cm) rain, 66% sunshine

    If you want to compare July weather to other months, check the guide to San Francisco weather and c limate.

    Use the weather averages to get an idea of what things may be like, but it might be different when you visit. A winter day could even be so warm you'll wish you packed your shorts.

    Averages are helpful for planning ahead, but don't count on your trip being "average." Check the San Francisco weather forecast before you leave home.

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    What to Pack, What to Wear in July

    Fog Can Nearly Make the Golden Gate Bridge Disappear
    ©Betsy Malloy Photography

    Many visitors find it hard to believe, but July is not the month for shorts and tank tops in San Francisco. Cold fog and breezes can easily make Fourth of July night can feel colder than New Year's Eve.

    To watch San Francisco's Fourth of July fireworks, I wear warm, full-length pants and take 3 to 4 layers of long-sleeved shirts and/or sweatshirts. If you aren't prepared for it with proper clothing, you will most likely be improving the local economy by purchasing warmer clothes from a street vendor. Or heading for a warmer spot before the fireworks start.

    Foggy, gray skies often make visitors from other areas think it's going to rain, but July is one of the driest months. You're not likely to need an umbrella or raincoat, but the fog can make you damp and miserable, so a hooded jacket is a good idea.

    More San Francisco by Month

    If you're just starting to plan your trip and deciding when to go, you may want to know what San Francisco is like in other months. You'll find that in these guides: 

    For a quiet time (although it may be rainy), try San Francisco in January or  San Francisco in February.

    March is the beginning of spring but you can also get spring weather (and crowds) in  San Francisco in April or San Francisco in May.

    Summer in San Francisco may not be what you think, especially if you go to  San Francisco in June or in July, If you're looking for sunny days and lots of sunshine, try San Francisco in August.

    By fall, the skies will be clear, and the crowds will be gone. In fact, the best times to visit may be  San Francisco in September or San Francisco in October.

    Holiday festivities make the end of the year a good time to go to San Francisco in November or San Francisco in December.