San Francisco Craft Workshops

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    Workshops Galore!

    Khara Woods

    Learn a new hobby, create a one-of-a-kind gift or something nice for your own home. There’s a workshop for everyone here in San Francisco.  

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    Arts & Crafts

    Eric Rewitzer, Courtesy of Three Fish Studios

    Three Fish Studio
    Outer Sunset
    4541 Irving St.

    Learn printmaking from the artists themselves at this tiny studio in the Outerlands. Husband and wife duo Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin will walk you through the process of relief printmaking. Over the course of two evenings—spread out one week apart—you’ll learn to transfer an image onto block of linoleum, carve it out, apply ink and put it under one of their Conrad printing machines. You’ll leave with 10 8”x10” prints, which make great gifts or the start to your own gallery wall. The class fee is $150, but includes all the materials.

    Case for Making
    Outer Sunset
    4037 Judah St.

    From neon watercolors to paper marbling to video art, Case for Making thrives at creating workshops that pique the interest of the most creative people you know. Each workshop is lead by an artist in that particular field and supplies are always included in the class fee.

    Wood Cut Maps
    1777 Yosemite Ave.

    In just two hours, you’ll make a beautiful in lay wood map to hang on your own walls or give as a gift. Just pick your favorite corner of the earth and use their online mapping tool to specify. They’ll then pre-cut all the wood for you so all you have to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together. Our tip? Play with the map tool before you book the class to make sure your design ideas will gel with their capabilities. 

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    Needle Work


    Craft Haven
    Hayes Valley
    853 Fell St.
    Telephone: (415) 358-0739

    If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own apron, dress, or the full outfit, Craft Haven is the place to start. They have a range of beginner classes—from the “Uber Basics” to “Basic Hems”—which are followed by a series of more advanced classes like the Basic Skirt pattern making class or the yoga pant-making class (yes, really).

    Jenny Lemons
    Alamba & 19th Streets

    If you fear the sewing machine needle, try one of the embroidery workshops with Jenny Lemons. In her Mission studio the clothing and textile designer will teach you the proper hand-stitching techniques. You’ll go home with a new piece of art plus an embroidery hoop and instructions so that you can continue your hobby at home.

    3897 18th Street
    Telephone: (415) 621-6642

    Knitting is not just your grandma’s pastime. Learn to do it yourself at Imagiknit. They’ve got beginner workshops for knitting and crochet, as well as intermediate level classes like brioche knitting or fixing mistakes. Both the beginner classes take place over three two-hour sessions, so make sure to make room on the calendar. 

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    Yesenia A. via Yelp

    Workshop SF
    1798 McAllister St.
    Telephone: (415) 874-9186

    While this studio hosts workshops for all kind of crafts (sewing, beer-making, screen printing), they thrive at the plant-based classes. Learn how to build out a beautiful bouquet with Home Sweet Flower’s founder Lorena Diane, make your very own macarame plant holder with Jenny Lennick, or build succulent and fern terrariums. All make great gifts or work just as well to help keep your own home a warm and welcoming space. 

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    Cooking Classes

    San Francisco Cooking School

    SF Cooking School
    Polk Gulch
    690 Van Ness Ave.
    Telephone: (415) 346-2665

    Whether you just want to learn proper knife skills or you want to learn how to make your own dim sum dumplings, SF Cooking School has a class for everyone. They have classes that detail dishes made at the city’s best restaurants (The Progress class is coming up on November 6) and how to use local cookbooks (like the Chez Panisse class on October 28). Classes are usually four hours long and conclude with a group meal around the table with wine. If you’re truly inspired, you can apply to become a culinary student.

    Cozy Meal
    With classes all over the city, this business is actually run by individual chefs, each who will teach you their favorite dish—from mastering macarons to perfecting pastas—in the comfort of their own restaurant kitchens.

    Chef Joe’s Culinary Salon
    Duboce Triangle
    16 B Sanchez Street
    Telephone: (415) 626-4379

    Souffles are Chef Joe’s speciality. And he’ll teach you how to make it pouf perfectly in the comfort of his own kitchen. If you’re after something a bit more practical, Chef Joe also offers a Thanksgiving Rehearsal Dinner, a Holiday Dessert Shop, and beer-specific classes. Oh, and there’s of course some wine to go with your cooking. 

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    Clay by the Bay

    Clay by the Bay
    1242 Mason St.
    Telephone: (415) 416-6475

    If you want to throw pottery but have no idea what you’re doing, Clay by the Bay’s Intro to Wheel class is your answer. You’ll learn about the firing process, how to properly throw and glazing techniques. You’ll come out of the class having made a few items, and you can use the studio during open hours throughout your tenure.

    Public Glass
    Portola Place
    1750 Armstrong Ave.
    Telephone: (415) 671-4916

    Glass works are complicated. But Public Glass has a class for every level. There’s the classic 5-week glass blowing basics and then the next level intermediate classes. But if you want to just stop in and make a mug for Father’s Day or flowers for Mother’s Day or pumpkins for the fall. There’s also slumping and fusing workshops

    SF Clayworks
    Bernal Heights
    2240 Palou Ave.
    Telephone: (415) 647-2529

    If you have some experience, or none at all, this beginner’s ceramics class is for you. The 8-week course gives you plenty of time to get comfortable behind the wheel. It’s also great for those who want to master their hand building techniques, it’s a great revisit. 

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    If you didn’t find the perfect workshop here, head over to the website Verlocal. You can type in your city, your particular craft you want to explore and—Boom!—there are plenty of options all across the city. It’s like Yelp, but just for craft workshops.