San Diego's Worst Traffic Bottlenecks

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INRIX, a traffic services company providing real-time traffic information, has released data that lists the bottlenecks that give drivers in San Diego the most headaches. The most congested corridors (bottlenecks of at least 3 miles) are the eastbound I-78 between Rancho Santa Fe Road and Mission Road has about 4.2 miles of congestion; southbound I-805, from I-5, merge to La Jolla Village Drive/Miramar Road; northbound I-5 from I-805 merge to Manchester Avenue; and southbound I-5 from Harbor Drive in Oceanside to Birmingham Drive. Following are the worst 10 bottlenecks.

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Eastbound SR-78 at Twin Oaks Valley Road

The bottleneck might only be .76 miles, but this stretch of the always sluggish SR-78 had 21 hours of congestion and the average speed is 20.8  miles per hour.

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Eastbound SR-78 at San Marcos Boulevard

Another SR-78 bottleneck, this one is 1.62 miles long with 19 hours of congestion with an average speed of 19.4 MPH.

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Southbound I-805 at La Jolla Village Drive/Miramar Road

This stretch of I-805 is traditionally a bottleneck at 1.37 miles long with 22 hours of congestion and 23.7 average MPH.

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Southbound I-805 at Mira Mesa Boulevard/Sorrento Valley Road

This stretch, just north of the La Jolla Village bottleneck, runs 1.56 miles with 15 hours of congestion and an average speed of 20.8 MPH.

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Eastbound SR-56 at Carmel Creek Road

You don't typically think of this stretch of SR-56 is all that busy, but this .55 mile stretch comes in 5th place with 11 hours of congestion and an average speed of 16.7 MPH.

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Northbound I-5 at Del Mar Heights Road

This 1.46 mile stretch of 1-5 just beyond the 5/805 split is what most San Diegans associate with freeway congestion, but surprisingly, it only ranks 6th, with 16 hours of congestion and an average speed of 23.3 MPH.

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Southbound I-5 at Mission Avenue

This .73 mile stretch of I-5 has 17 hours of congestion and an average speed of 25.7 MPH.

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Southbound SR-125 at Grossmont Boulevard

This .49 mile stretch in the La Mesa area had 14 hours of congestion and an average speed of 22.4 MPH.

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Eastbound I-8 at SR-54/2nd Street

Decades ago, the eastbound I-8 used to be the most congested, but with commutes moving northward, this .88 mile stretch now ranks only 9th with 15 hours of congestion and an averaged speed of 22.8 MPH.

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Eastbound SR-78 at Barham Drive

One more SR-78 bottleneck, at 1.75 miles long, 18 hours of congestion and 28.3 MPH average speed.

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