San Diego in November

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    San Diego in November

    Mother Goose Parade, San Diego in November
    ••• Mother Goose Parade. scott olson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    November's Big Holiday

    Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and the following Friday is often a work holiday.  Check the Thanksgiving guide to find out what special events happen then.

    Things That Look Like Fun in November

    These events come from my San Diego bucket list. They look like fun, but I haven't had a chance to experience them in person

    Mother Goose ParadeThe town of El Cajon has been celebrating with this cute little parade for more than 60 years. In fact, many locals consider this event the unofficial start of the Christmas season.

    San Diego Jazz Festival: Some jazz music fans call the San Diego Jazz Festival "the crown jewel of jazz festivals."  Performers represent a wide variety of traditional jazz: classical, Dixieland, ragtime, swing, and rockabilly styles. They perform in venues that range from small, intimate listening rooms to large concert halls with dance floors.

    San Diego Beer Week: Instead of gobbling turkey and tasting the...MORE trimmings, you can celebrate the city's vibrant craft brewing scene during this "week" that actually lasts ten days.

    Fall Back Festival: You might think they're talking about the annual process of resetting your clock to end daylight savings time, but this event falls back even further. Time travel  to the 1880s when the Gaslamp Quarter transforms into a western town of the past. 

    Autumn in San Diego ends in November. For some seasonal things to do, try the guide to San Diego in the Fall.

    Especially Fun to Do in November

    By November the ocean gets cold enough that local surfers start to look like they're in NorCal instead, wearing booties and hoodies. Cold water aside, the surf is awesome as San Diego's best surf season continues through November.

    Special Events

    The annual events listed above happen every year, but they're not all that's going on in San Diego in March. If you're looking for a fun concert, sporting event or theatrical performance try these resources:

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    More About San Diego in November

    Old Town in San Diego
    ••• Old Town in San Diego. Mitch Diamond / Getty Images

    What to Expect from San Diego Weather in November

    November is the beginning of San Diego's rainy season, bringing the most unpredictable weather of the year. Although the rain doesn't peak until January, monthly rainfall often comes all on the same day, especially during winter storms.

    You'll have about 11 hours of sunlight per day to explore San Diego in November. It won't affect how long the sun will be up, but Daylight Savings time ends in early November, which will push the clocks back and make it seem like the sun is setting earlier. Many local attractions may change their hours when that happens.

    • Average High Temperature: 69°F/21°C
    • Average Low Temperature: 54°F/12°C
    • Rain & Clouds Index: 1.01 inches (2.6 cm) rain, 75% sunshine

    If you want to compare these weather conditions to what San Diego is like the rest of the year, you can find that all in one place in the Guide to Typical San Diego Weather.

    The weather information we've given above is best used as a...MORE general idea of what things may be like. Averages are helpful for planning ahead, but don't count on your trip being "average." Check the San Diego weather forecast before you leave home.

    If precipitation happens, try these Things to Do on a Rainy Day in San Diego.

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    What to Pack, What to Wear in November

    Surf's Up at Scripps Pier in San Diego
    ••• Winter Sunset at Scripps Pier in San Diego. Moment Editorial/Getty Images / Getty Images

    Pack an umbrella or rain jacket with a hood for rainy days and a warm jacket if no rain is predicted. You won't need a heavy winter coat. Long-sleeved shirts and sweaters in layers work best.

    More San Diego by Month

    If you're just starting to plan your trip and deciding when to go, you may want to know what San Diego is like in other months.  You find that in these guides: 

    If you go to San Diego in January or in February, you may have beautiful, sunny weather - or not. One thing you can be sure of there won't be a lot of other tourists getting in your way.

    By spring, the weather starts to clear up and flowers start blooming. March is fine, but you can also check out San Diego in April or San Diego in May.

    Summer in San Diego starts out with foggy, cloudy days near the beach if you go to San Diego in June or sometimes even in July. By August, the fog clears up, but it's also one of the busiest months, with lots of families on vacation and Arizona residents looking to escape...MORE the heat. Here's what to expect from San Diego in August.

    Fall is one of the best times if you can plan to go to San Diego in September or San Diego in October.

    Holidays can be fun if you want to go to San Diego in November or San Diego in December.