San Antonio Gay Pride 2020

Celebrating gay pride in the Alamo City

San Antonio pride
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For the LGBT community, Pride celebration is among the most important event to commemorate each year. San Antonio celebrates Pride in late June with its Pride San Antonio celebration, one of several Pride events held in the city throughout the year.

The Pride San Antonio Bigger Than Texas Parade and Festival takes place this year on June 27 2020.

The Origin of the Pride Festival

Pride celebrations have evolved into a time to cut loose and are filled with bright colors, floats, and other markings of a party. However, the origin of the festival began on a more serious note—to march in remembrance and solidarity of the Stonewall Inn riot, which took place on June 28, 1969, in downtown Manhattan. The clash between police and the gay community became a turning point in the fight for LGBT rights in America.

Pride San Antonio began in 2004 as Gay Pride San Antonio. The event started with just a small group of individuals who collaborated to arrange for a festival that was "designed by the community-at-large, for the community-at-large, and about the community at-large," according to the official website.

San Antonio Pride Festival and Parade Details

The festivities take place at Crockett Park, by the city's popular gay-bar strip at N. Main Avenue and W. Laurel Street, a short drive north of downtown. It runs throughout the day, from 11 am until 7 pm, with the night parade taking place that evening at 9 pm. Scheduled entertainment for the event includes Brian Justin Crum, Drowning Mona, Luciana, Bidi Bidi Banda, Patsy Torres, Sandra Valls, Sizzy Rocket, and more.

Admission to the festival is $10.00 for ages 13 and up and free for kids 12 and under. 

Other events during ​San Antonio Gay Pride include a Rainbow Dash and 1-mile run at 8 p.m.

The High Heel Race

The Annual Pride SA "High Heel Race" takes place just before the parade kick-off at 9 p.m. As the name implies, this is a foot race where the participants are all sporting stilettos heels—or some version of a high heel!

Joining the race is free for participants and runners should arrive in front of the Silver Dollar at 8:45 pm to join the race line-up.

Getting There

Local bus routes will bring parade-goers directly to the action, and the organizers are promoting a "Go Green" initiative that encourages attendees to ride their bikes to the event; there will be secured areas to lock-up rides nearby.

Most major streets will be shut-down during the event, so driving and finding parking will be a bit of a hassle—rideshare services are a good alternative.

Tips for Parade and Festival Goers

Expect that nearby gay-friendly and popular restaurants, hotels, and shops will be extra busy during this time, and catering heavily to LGBT visitors.

Check local sites such as Q San Antonio, and the excellent ​GLBT section of the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau for local deals, discounts, and other special events.

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