How To Make Your Own Salt Scrub

Salt scrub
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Whether you're just trying to have a relaxing staycation or want to prepare your winter skin for summer sun, making your own salt scrub is a great, inexpensive way to get a spa-like treatment at home. With this easy salt scrub recipe, you can exfoliate your skin at home instead of paying $90 or more for a salt glow at the spa.

Even better is that while most store- and spa-bought salt scrubs can cost upward of $30 per jar, this simple homemade recipe is just as easy to get at a fraction of the price. Salt scrubs are one of the easiest home spa products to make, and they even make a great gift if you put it in a pretty jar.

Once you've followed this simple recipe, you can use the salt scrub to gently massage away dead and damaged skin that hasn't had a chance to refresh from the harsher winter and spring weather. With this at-home guide, you can wear your short skirts or beach bikini without fear of unsightly dry skin.

Sea salt in a wooden spoon and wooden bowl

Ingredients and Preparation

In order to make the perfect homemade salt scrub, you'll need to gather a few ingredients, but the process shouldn't take more than five minutes of preparation time. The list of things you'll need to make three salt scrub treatments worth of salt scrub is fairly simple, but you should be cautious about which types of these basic ingredients you use:

  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1 cup of sea salt
  • 5 to 15 drops of high-quality essential oils

For the oil, should use sweet almond, grapeseed, or another light-textured massage oil instead of cooking oil from your pantry. For the sea salt, Baleine is a good choice, but you can experiment with different brands and textures to see what feels best for your skin; however, don't use iodized table salt as it's too harsh, and if you have sensitive skin, you can make a gentler sugar scrub instead.

The essential oil you use doesn't really matter beyond needing to be high-quality, and ultimately the oil you choose depends on the result you want to achieve: Lavender is relaxing, lemongrass is refreshing, and rosemary is stimulating. You can experiment and do your own blend of fragrances depending on your personal preferences.

Oil, sea salt in a wooden bowl, and flowers in a glass of water

How to Make a Great Salt Scrub

You'll begin by putting the salt (or another exfoliant) in a small bowl, then add the oil, mixing it well with a spoon or wooden stick. The texture should be moist enough to hold together but not overly oily, and you can adjust the amount of oil or add more salt to achieve the proper texture.

Once you've achieved your ideal texture, you should then gently tap in the drops of essential oil and again stir the mixture with a wooden stick or spoon. If you're more interested in aromatherapy, you can customize your recipe using different essential oils that vary with the season. You might try orange with some crushed clove at Christmas time, for instance.

You can then store the finished product in a pretty jar, but make sure the lip is wide enough for you to fit your fingers through so you don't have to bring a spoon with you into the shower to use it. You'll want to give yourself a salt scrub at home once a week, and since this recipe makes enough for three scrubs, you should prepare to make some at least once a month to maintain a good exfoliation routine.

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