Safe Trick or Treating in Sacramento

Trick-or-treating in midtown

Trick-or-treating has long been a tradition for generations of children dressed in their favorite ghoulish duds. Today’s Sacramento youngsters are no exception, though they do have more options if parents are feeling nervous about the standard door-to-door candy routine. Safe trick-or-treat events abound in Sacramento, and entire families can create special memories out of these alternative events. Whether you hit the streets of your neighborhood and ring doorbells or opt for a more modern approach to this sweet-filled holiday, ​Halloween in Sacramento can be both spooky and safe.

Traditional Trick or Treat Guidelines

Plenty of children still opt for traditional trick-or-treating, and the great majority of Sacramento is certainly considered secure enough for such an activity. To ensure an enjoyable time that is as safe as possible, remember the following:

  • Always accompany a child. If they aren’t old enough to drive, they aren’t old enough to trick-or-treat without some sort of supervision or a safe destination en route to go to if there is an issue. Encourage older kids who aren’t thrilled with the idea of parent accompaniment to only knock on familiar doors – friends, neighbors or teachers.
  • Hire a chaperone. If you are past the “cool” phase of life (or at least as far as your child is concerned), consider recruiting a fun college student or church youth worker to chaperone a group of kids on their candy run.
  • Wear reflective clothing. Pick a Halloween costume that reflects light well in darkness, or apply some reflective tape to the front and back of your selected ensemble.
  • Give out glow sticks to both your kids and any trick-or-treaters that come to your door. This will keep kids safe and visible on dark streets.
  • Never allow your child to eat any homemade treats or candy that has been unwrapped. Prepackaged, store-bought candy is best. Encourage your kids to pick out one or two pieces to enjoy that evening, and then go through the rest and purge suspicious pieces after bedtime.
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