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Tuition-Based Educational Options for Grades K-12 In Sacramento

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There are many Sacramento private schools to choose from around the region. Making a schooling decision is never easy for any parent - every family wants what's best for their child and may struggle with how exactly that's defined. For those who opt for private schools, there are plenty of options and an equal amount of diversity.

K-8 Schools

205 24th Street, Sacramento

(916) 442-5395

Courtyard School has been in midtown since 1982, and has served countless elementary school students. They also just recently added a junior high school. Courtyard is known for its very small class sizes - they average around 15 students per room. Individual attention is key at Courtyard School, and they offer multiple-child discounts.

Standard Tuition Rates:

$425.00 Annual non-refundable registration fee (TK - 6th Grade)
$908.00 monthly tuition, TK & Kindergarten
$893.00 monthly tuition, 1st - 6th Grade

Please note the rates for Courtyard School as well as other private schools mentioned in this article are subject to the school's latest available information. For alternative grades or a firm fee scale, please contact the campus directly.

3600 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento

(916) 442-1255

This independent, co-educational prep school is available for Kindergarten through the eighth grade. Brookfield is self-described as being known for its strong academic curriculum, which provides its students with challenging assignments and the opportunity to meet high standards for their future endeavors.

Standard Tuition Rates:

1st Child - $10,400 (annually)

2nd Child - $9,600

Additional Children - $9,100

5701 Freeport Blvd

(916) 427-5022

Those unfamiliar with the Waldorf philosophy may be refreshed by the finding of this alternative for their free-spirited child. The Waldorf model embraces individuality, ethical responsibility and tactile learning. Camellia Waldorf accepts preschoolers through the eighth grade.

Standard Tuition Rates:

Kindergarten: $8,130 $813/month (July through April)

Grades: $9,350 $935/month (July through April)

Other fees apply, including a non-refundable application fee, a non-refundable enrollment fee and a tuition protection fee.

High Schools

4315 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

(916) 733-3600

Christian Brothers High School is a Catholic school that has been in Sacramento for 137 years. The average class size is 25 students, and current students represent approximately 69 different area zip codes. The school prides itself in having a rate of 98% graduates enrolling in college, and many have been accepted to Ivy League schools.

Standard Tuition Rates

$11,600 annually, plus $625 enrollment fee.

Seniors also pay a $320 graduation fee.

6200 McMahon Drive, Sacramento

(916) 733-2660

Unlike the many pricey private schools in Sacramento, Cristo Rey primarily serves high school students with financial limitations. Every student participates in a Work-Study program that allows students to have their tuition sponsored. The school welcomes students from all religious backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds, but primarily is made up of Hispanic students. The great majority of teachers and students are bilingual.

Standard Tuition Rates

Work-Study :

Students work 5 days per month

Employers/Sponsors pay $6,750 per student

Covers 56% of total education cost

Family Costs:

Sliding scale, ranges from $20-230 monthly)

2636 Latham Drive, Sacramento

(916) 481-8811

Sacramento Country Day School focuses heavily on the arts in the upper grades, and issues a school-owned MacBook to every 9th and 10th grade student. This campus also welcomes international students and provides an annual trip to Oregon's Shakespeare Festival. They are also home to a prize-winning literary magazine.

Standard Tuition Rates

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten


Grades One to Five


Grades Six to Eight


Grades Nine to Twelve


International-Grades Nine to Twelve


451 Parkfair Drive Suite 5, Sacramento

(916) 483-8575

This independent study high school carries a high level of structure intermingled with opportunities for personal growth and self-pacing. Students meet teachers for weekly check-ins, and spend the rest of the time completing school work independently. Field trips are scheduled throughout the year so students can come together for typical social benefits.

Standard Tuition Rates

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