Sacramento Ladies Night Out Ideas

Ways to Relax with Your Best Girls in Sacramento

Fireworks in Sacramento
  Mitchell Pulido / EyeEm / Getty Images 

Between work, kids and keeping up with the house, ladies truly deserve a night out once in awhile. Whether you have a monthly tradition with friends or you are desperate for some time away after countless hours devoted to the daily grind, there are a lot of fun night out ideas within Sacramento.

Wine Tasting

900 2ND Street, Sacramento

A staple favorite for of-age ladies, the Underground Wine Tasting Room is local to Sacramento so you don’t have to drive far to take in some great vino. They offer wine tours during the day, but also have special evening events upon request. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy some wine and great company after a very long week.  Of course, if you don’t want to be limited to specific dates and hours, you can always have a wine tasting party at home. Select several of your favorite wines, or ask each lady to bring her favorite, and have your own wine and cheese sprawl right in your own living room.

Try Something New

Start an email thread with your favorite girls and decide together what to purchase from the latest offerings on the Sacramento Groupon page. It’s a great, affordable way to try something brand new together. There are also other websites that serve the same purpose as LivingSocial, SacPerks, and SacHalfOff.

Glamour Party

Sign up for free facials at Origins or get a makeover at a beauty counter at the Galleria or Arden department stores. Or, set a pre-determined price limit and go on a shopping spree to Sephora, Ulta or Planet Beauty. After you’re all done up, take some photos at a fun night out, hitting up a local dance club or a favorite sushi bar.

Dessert Spree

Choose your favorite dessert destination in Sacramento and order up one sweet treat each. Grab your spoon and share with each other, so you can enjoy some much-earned sugar overload while enjoying great laughs and conversation.  Need some ideas to try? Check out Rick’s Dessert Diner, Ginger Elizabeth or the ever-lively Farrell’s ice cream parlour.

Movie Night

An oldie but a goodie – plan a movie night with your best girlfriends. You can stay in to do this, or check out a vintage film at the Crest Theatre downtown. The Sunrise Mall plays recent films for a very discounted price, and of course, there’s the new Studio Movie Grill if you’re hoping to get a little fancy.

Get Artistic

Experience your right-brained side with a cool crafting night or by visiting a “paint and sip.” The Painted Cork has a great ambiance and is located in both Folsom and Downtown Sacramento so it’s more than convenient for ladies spread out in different locations throughout the valley. You can also try your hand at painted ceramics at Petroglyph in Roseville.

Dance It Up

Looking for a great way to get exercise and not worry about looking dumb because you’ll be with your best friends? Check out a drop-in dance class and get your groove on. There’s a wide variety to choose from, from a hip hop class at Step 1 to a swing dancing lesson at Midtown Stomp. You can also find an excuse for a weekly ladies night if you sign up for a group of Zumba classes or go line dancing.

Recapture Childhood

Go out for an evening of totally immature activity – ice skating, roller skating, miniature golf or go-carting are some great options. In the summer, Sunsplash has Nite Slides – a specially discounted evening run of the water slides. In the winter, outdoor ice skating adds a special magical twist to an otherwise traditional indoor rink ambiance.

Jump Into the Golden Years

On the other end of the spectrum, start acting like an old lady. It may sound silly, but there are many activities otherwise reserved for retirees that are actually really fun for ladies nights. Going to the driving range is one idea, and playing Bingo is a biggie. Both are affordable, active for your mind and promise a memorable good time with your best gals.