Ryanair Near-Misses, Emergency Landings and Other Near Misses

How safe is it to fly with Ryanair?

Ryanair plane
••• Ryanair plane. (c) Damian Corrigan

Ryanair has never had a fatal accident on one of its planes. However, some commentators have questioned Ryanair's attitude towards safety.

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Ryanair Safety: Fuel Loads

Ryanair has been accused of compromising safety by restricting pilots' right to carry emergency fuel. Read more here:

Ryanair Safety: 'Exhausted' Pilots

Several times in recent years, most recently in the BBC documentary 'Why Hate Ryanair?', Ryanair has been accused of overworking its pilots. One pilot has claimed he was sacked for refusing to fly because he was too tired. Read more: Ryanair denies pilots 'exhausted'

Ryanair Safety Record

By being registered in Ireland, Ryanair does not need to file certain reports, as their rival such as British Airways have to. A crash investigator on Flyertalk.com has revealed the following statistics:

  • Flights on which Mandatory Occurrence Reports would be filed in the event of Ryanair being a UK registered carrier: 60%
  • Flights on which minor deviations were noted: 13%
  • Flights on which no significant deviations were noted 27%

It should be stressed that these statistics are unverified and were simply posted on an internet forum.

Ryanair Safety: Incidents and Near-Misses

Ryanair has frequently been in the news for near-misses and minor incidents on its flights, more so than many other airlines. Here are just a few examples of Ryanair incidents that have made the news in recent years, up to and including early 2015:

Emergency and Aborted Landings

Runway Incidents

Mid-Air Incidents