5 RVs That Will Save Your Life During the Zombie Apocalypse

One of these five RVs can help you survive a zombie apocalypse

It seems that nowadays everyone is talking zombies. Zombie TV shows, zombie movies, zombie merchandise, everyone wants to talk about the zombie apocalypse, and some people believe it is only a matter of time before we face the walking dead. This fascination has even spilled over into the world of RVing. That’s right; there are RVs that can help you deal with a zombie apocalypse and here are some of our favorites.​

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This is a serious RV, in fact, EarthRoamers don’t even call their models RVs but XVs. They are currently manufactured by hand in Dacono, Colorado. A good place to begin with any RV meant for the zombie apocalypse is the tires and EarthRoamer XV-HD comes equipped with 46” military tires to help you crawl over a crumbling metropolis or smash your way through a zombie hoard.

If your goal is to get as far away from society as possible the XV-HD’s solar array can get you away from the carnage and keep you comfortable off the grid. The XV-HD also comes with a massive battery bank and 200-gallon freshwater tank so you’ll be able to stay off the grid for a long while until the apocalypse passes and you can return to rebuild society.

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EcoRoamer Expedition Vehicles


From a tough chassis to a high-powered diesel engine, the EcoRoamer is built tough and meant to handle anything thrown at it. They might not have had the walking in dead in mind during design, but it will protect you all the same. The EcoRoamer is built on a big boy F-650 chassis with a diesel engine used to power heavy-duty construction equipment, all this on a 4x4 and 46” wheels.

The EcoRoamer’s sheer size would be enough to drive over any obstacles but there are other apocalypse-friendly modifications in the EcoRoamer such as state-of-the-art communication equipment including a wireless signal that reaches almost a mile across, and a CB radio should modern technology fail you. Tack on solar panels to the roof and you can keep comfortable and communicative during any apocalyptic scenario.

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Unicat Expedition Vehicles

Unicat RV

Patrick Mueller/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

If you want what could well be classified as a tank for the zombie apocalypse your best choice is likely found with a Unicat Expedition Vehicle. Well, for starters Unicat Expedition Vehicles can be massive. Even the smaller models are large and look like they would be more at home on a military base than at the RV park. But you don’t have time to stop at the RV park; the hordes are coming. Well stopping for gas be damned as some Unicat models come with a 2,000-mile range between fill-ups, that’s right 2,000 miles, you could be more than halfway across the United States and away from patient zero before you ever must stop for fuel.

Same with supplies as the Unicats are meant to keep four people alive for up to three months in isolation. Add in extreme off-road capabilities, the ability to store bailout vehicles like motorcycles, a military first-aid kit, and a top-of-the-line water filtration system and you’ll be hard pressed to ever return to society proper. All this at a mere half a million dollars.

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Action Mobil RVs


If you can get your hands on one of these beasts, then you’ll be hard-pressed to not plow over any obstacle in your way during the inevitable coming of the dead. There are many models available from Action Mobil, and most of them will take care of you in a zombie apocalypse and then some. You can find models in two, three and even four axles depending on your survival needs, but all models come 4x4 and off-road ready so that you can churn through the landscape Mad Max style.

Other overpowering features include durable construction, massive tires, high powered fog lights and solar panel capabilities. The Action Mobil RV can be completely retrofitted as you like, giving you amenities others will track you down for during the zombie apocalypse and beyond. All this in a package that makes Action Mobil known as the Rolls Royce of extreme RVs.

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Adak Adventure Trailers


Adak Adventure Trailers bill themselves as “The Ultimate Camper for the Ultimate Outdoorsman,” and luckily for us, some of those features can be mighty useful during the zombie apocalypse. Let’s start with the Adak’s off-road capabilities. The Adak Adventure Trailer is designed as an overland trailer, and you can take that literally, the trailer is designed to go over whatever land you throw at it, excellent for maneuvering away from advancing zombie mobs.​​​

The Adak also comes with abundant storage to carry all the supplies you will need to get away from civilized society. The Adak is built with a rock solid one-piece aluminum exterior shell. Zombies may be able to close in, but they likely won’t be able to enter. Unfortunately, Adak Trailers no longer exists, but you can still find used trailers for sale at various online marketplaces for RVs.

Some think it is inevitable, others believe it is fiction, but if the zombie apocalypse comes knocking at your door, you can jump into any one of these tough and outfitted RVs to begin life after the fall of man and have the amenities to rebuild society. In the meantime, you can always take these recreational vehicles out to boondock in some of the harshest places and climates across the world.

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