RVing Your Way to Extraterrestrials – The Complete Guide

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    RVing Your Way to Extraterrestrials

    UFO in the sky
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    If you believe the truth is out there, when are you going to hit the road and seek it out? RVing offers the unique opportunity to pack up and leave the world behind. If you’ve ever wanted to see a UFO up close and personal, there are some locations across the US that you have a better chance of seeing something that doesn’t belong to this earth. By RVing there, you can save time and money on travel expenses and focus on seeing what shouldn’t be in the sky.

    These seven destinations across the US are easy to RV to, offer a chance to learn more about ETs, and even have a close encounter of your own.

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    UFO Watchtower: Hooper, Colorado

    UFO Watchtower
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    After witnessing travel after traveler trespassing on her property after moving to Hooper, Colorado, Judy Messoline knew she was in for an out of this world experience. Messoline’s neighbors told her of strange occurrences in the sky, visitors told her stories of unidentified flying objects in the air, and even she’s seen things she can’t explain when looking up at the stars. She built the UFO Watchtower to give travelers an opportunity to give travelers the chance to see something they’ve never seen before. The UFO Watchtower has become one of the world’s most popular spot to see UFOs thanks in part to being the lack of light pollution in the San Luis Valley.

    San Luis State Park, Sand Dunes Swimming Pool & RV Park, and the Alamosa KOA are three of the closest RV parks to consider when visiting the UFO Watchtower.

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    The Very Large Array: Socorro, New Mexico

    Very Large Array
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    The Very Large Array, or VLA for short, is a radio astronomy project in the New Mexico desert that’s seen its fair share of phenomenon. With NM’s history of UFO sightings, potential crashes, and the lure of Area 51, the VLA has a unique view of the stars above. While UFO sightings are common at the VLA, its mission is much different when reporting to the public. The VLA has discovered planets, black holes, and other space bodies. When visiting the VLA, you’ll get a view of the cosmos you never thought possible plus the chance to see something from another world.

    Casey’s Socorro RV Park, Escondida Lake Park, and Bosque Birdwatchers RV Park are three local RV parks and campgrounds that are sure to make your trip to The Very Large Array enjoyable.

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    UFO Welcome Center: Bowman, South Carolina

    South Carolina sunset
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    In the early 90s, Jody Pendarvis thought the world was woefully unprepared for an alien introduction. Pendarvis decided to build the UFO Welcome Center as a calm, relaxing place for extraterrestrial life to regroup and recharge after making the journey to earth. The UFO Welcome Center offers sleeping quarters, television, a bathroom, AC, and more for weary aliens. During the summer months, Pendarvis lives in the UFO Welcome Center and gives tours to travelers curious to see if they’ve arrived at the right time to welcome aliens to our planet.

    Jolly Acres RV Park and Storage, Santee State Park, and Colleton State Park are three RV parks in this area of South Carolina that make for a short drive to the UFO Welcome Center.

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    Brown Mountain: North Carolina

    Brown Mountain
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    Brown Mountain is known for the mysterious lights in, around, and above the mountain ranges throughout the year. These lights, and stories of them date back to Native American folklore in the region. In the 1940s, Ralph Lael claimed to have been abducted by whoever was behind the lights and since then Brown Mountain, North Carolina has become a haven for UFO and abduction enthusiasts across the globe. Electrical issues, a loss of cell service, and other strange phenomena have occurred to those traveling in and around Brown Mountain over the last decade.

    Brown Mountain Beach Campground, Green Mountain Park Resort, and Pisgah National Forest are located within or near Brown Mountain itself so you never know what you might see from your RV site.

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    Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada

    Extraterrestrial highway
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    Nevada State Route 375, known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, is a 98-mile stretch of road that the state officially renamed because of how many reports of UFO sightings it gets during the year. Supposed UFO crashes have taken place throughout the highway; Ely, Nevada is an alleged site of a UFO crash the government cleaned up. Make sure to travel on the ET highway from dusk to dawn for your best chance at seeing UFOs along the way.

    Little A’Le’Inn, R-Place RV Park, and Picketts RV Park are great stops along the ET highway if you decide to travel from one end to the other.

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    Little A'Le'Inn: Alamo, Nevada

    Little A'Le'Inn
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    The Little A’Le’Inn is one of the most interesting stops you’ll make when looking for signs of UFOs in the skies. This is one of the most famous destinations for UFO hunters and is located along the Extraterrestrial Highway. There are a diner and gift shop inside, along with staff who love to share their own personal encounters and history of UFOs in Nevada. This stop gets a variety of travelers, including hardcore conspiracy theorists and those who’ve made the trek to Area 51.

    If you prefer to stay somewhere other than the Little A’Le’Inn, Picketts RV Park and Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge are two great places to stay nearby.

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    SETI Institute: Mountain View, California

    Paul Wild Observatory
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    The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) started as a government-funded project that lost that funding in 1995 and became a privately-backed non-profit entity. SETI sends and receives messages from the cosmos, including everything from gamma radiation and laser communications. While SETI hasn’t proved anything definitive yet, UFO enthusiasts have found a trip and tour of the SETI facilities have brought them closer to what could be transmissions from the cosmos than almost anywhere else in the world.

    Hidden Creek Villas and RV Park, Sanborn County Park, and Trailer Tel RV Park are three places to drop off the RV and venture into Mountain View, California to visit SETI.

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    Where Else Can You See Extraterrestrials?

    UFO on side of road
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    There are many places in the US to visit if you’re interested in catching a glimpse of what might be a spaceship. Area 51, while off-limits to the public, is a popular road trip although we don’t recommend taking the RV with you. The Trinity Site in New Mexico and much of the state are hot spots for UFO sights, as are Nevada and Arizona. When it comes to chasing down UFOs, sometimes the best thing you can do is look up at the sky and pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you.

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