RVing in Rocky Point Mexico

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    5 Things to Know Before You Take the RV to Rocky Point

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    Although Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) has grown tremendously in the hotels and resorts industry, the RV resorts have always been a comfortable and convenient option if you want to stay on the beach. People travel by RV not only to save money, but also for the convenience of having your own belongings as well as of getting in and out as you please.

    Times change, as do the needs of travelers. While RV resorts in Rocky Point, Mexico were there long before the big condos, the need to provide services that meet the needs of RV travelers creates a standard for the amenities provided in many RV resorts today.

    You can make your experience of traveling to Rocky Point in your RV an outstanding one with these easy travel tips:

    1. Secure your beachfront spot. Most likely you could find an RV park without a reservation  in Puerto Peñasco, but the waterfront locations are scarce. Don’t wait. Book your space before they are all gone.

    2 . Do not forget insurance. Mexican authorities do not recognize U.S. insurance. Arranging for your car insurance online saves you time and money, and you can print your policy immediately.

    3 . Ask for directions. Whether you are a seasoned traveler to Rocky Point or it is your first time, it does not hurt to ask for road maps and updates for access to town. The roads from Phoenix to Rocky Point are all well maintained on both sides of the border. As long as speed limits are followed, the ride is pleasant and safe. However, repairs to federal roads and town main roads around Rocky Point are common and there may be restrictions in place. All RV parks offer to provide a map with the most important suggestions of how to get around. Take advantage of it!

    4. Know what you can bring into Mexico. From bringing pets to bring your own food, anything can cause you setbacks when crossing the border. Find out what is allowed by Mexican Customs to prevent unnecessary stops. Normally, traveling by RV isn’t any different than car travel in terms of rules. Check for updates online.

    5 . Have a number for roadside assistance handy. Accidents are not planned, but preventable. Rocky Point is only one hour away from the U.S. border located in Lukeville/Sonoyta. Make sure that your road assistance is available in Mexico. Locally there aren’t many options for RV repairs.

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    RVing in Rocky Point, Mexico

    Infographic provided courtesy www.puerto-penasco.com

    These are the most popular beachfront RV parks in Puerto Peñasco, or, as it is know here, Rocky Point. They have all been in business for many years and have developed a reputation for providing good service and amenities.

    Please contact the RV parks directly with any questions, comments ,or complaints. I have no personal experience with any of these RV parks

    To see the image larger, simply temporarily increase the font size on your screen. If you are using a PC, the keystroke to us is the Ctrl + (the Ctrl key and the plus sign). On a MAC, it's Command+. You'll be able to see phone numbers, hours and amenities of those RV parks. The information was current as of April 2014.

    Find additional listings for Rocky Point RV parks at www.puerto-penasco.com.