RVing in Harsh Environments - You Need EarthRoamer

EarthRoamer is one of the best off-road RV manufacturers you'll find


There are a few RVers on the road that demand an RV be able to go anywhere and do just about anything. There are several models available from major RV manufacturers that can hold their own when it comes to RVing and off-the-grid adventures, but few major brands can hold a candle to the adventure that an EarthRoamer can afford you.

Let’s look into this unique RV manufacturer including finding out how they got their start, what you can expect out of an EarthRoamer and how you can get your hands on your own. 

About EarthRoamer 

For such massive and powerful creations, EarthRoamer’s origins are humble. Founder and CEO Bill Swails was and is an active outdoor photographer and writer and got tired of his ride not being able to take him where he wanted to go, so he made his own. Swails constructed a custom expedition camper in his own driveway to use to get to some of the more remote places he wished to photograph.

Swails found that more people were asking him questions about his custom-built camper rather than his photography which led him to start to EarthRoamer in 2002. What started out as two employees has blossomed into a 25,000 square foot facility in Dacono, Colorado and some of the toughest and cutting edge RVs (or XVs as EarthRoamer likes to call them) available on the market. 

What Can I Expect from an EarthRoamer?

These RVs aren’t your granddaddy’s Winnebago, no sir. There are several different models of EarthRoamers available, but they all follow the same purpose of allowing their owners a wide berth or freedom to go wherever. 

EarthRoamers are assembled on Ford chassis such as the F-550 and the F-650 so right from the start you know they are large and in charge. Off-road capabilities come from a combination of the chassis high clearance, 46” military grade tires, and turbo diesel engines to power everything through the thick of things. We mentioned off-the-grid capabilities and EarthRoamer does not disappoint in this regard. EarthRoamers come with go-anywhere features such as solar grid capabilities, built-in generator systems, and a 200-gallon freshwater tank.

With these features, you can find yourself out in the sticks for days or even weeks without having to give up many of your creature comforts. 

The interior of the EarthRoamer is just as bad-ass as some of its exterior components. Popular interior features include ergonomic tables, large windows to view your landscape, bedrooms that can accommodate California king mattresses, showers with controlled water flow. Of course if you’re going to be out for days or weeks at a time you’ll need some ample storage and that’s taken care of as well with storage options in cabinets, drawers and other convenient spaces throughout.

Around the EarthRoamer isn’t bad at all itself. Two exterior storage spaces allow 24 cubic feet of storage to go along with the exterior’s power outlets, LED lights, strong exterior awnings and even a compressed air chuck to fill up rafts or bike tires.

All that is not even factoring in the multitude of electronics that you can get with EarthRoamer models including HD satellite hookups, 32” HD LED TV, and Bose 5.1 Surround Sound System. Depending on what options and features you want, your EarthRoamer could be even more feature rich. 

I Want One! 

All those features and components likely have you drooling and the good news is you can have one if you have about half a million dollars to spare. Quality like EarthRoamer doesn’t come cheap and these aren’t assembled in some overseas factory. All EarthRoamers are custom built by hand to the buyer’s specifications in EarthRoamer’s Colorado facility to make sure each EarthRoamer is of the utmost quality.

If you are interested in getting an EarthRoamer of your own, use their website of EarthRoamer.com to get in contact with the company or browse other information about these extreme RVs. If you’re looking for the highest forms of function, fashion, customization and general muscle, EarthRoamer is likely your best bet.

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