RVing 101 Guide: Trailer Jacks

A brief guide on using trailer jacks and why this is important for RVing

Fifth wheel RV leveled on uneven ground
••• Using trailer jacks to level and RV is an easy way to stay parallel to the ground on the most of uneven of surfaces. sshepard/E+/Getty Images

Unfortunately not every campsite pad is going to be concrete and level. You will encounter sites of gravel, sand, full of potholes or other bumps and lumps. Now you don’t want to fall asleep while falling against the side and you don’t want to damage your RV refrigerator (which needs to remain level to function). You will need to level your travel trailer yourself.

So what do you need to make everything level?

Why RV or travel trailer jacks of course! Let’s look at this convenient tool including the benefits of RV or travel trailer jacks, and what you should look for when buying one. With a little help, you don’t have to worry about the eggs rolling off your kitchen counter.

Trailer Jacks 101

Benefits of Trailer Jacks

There is one big benefit to RV or travel trailers jacks and that is keeping your RV level. Keeping your RV level will have many benefits including keeping the cabin or your travel trailer comfortable, keep objects where they’re supposed to stay and, of course, keep your absorption refrigerator working right. Unless you know you will be staying in a level RV pad, it’s a good idea to keep a few jacks on board with you.

Types of Trailer Jacks

There are many types of RV and travel trailer jacks and what you buy will depend on the type, size and weight of your RV. There are stabilizing jacks, scissor jacks, slide out stabilizers and more.

More than likely you will use an RV travel trailer jack in conjunction with other leveling items like tire chocks, locking chocks and leveling blocks.

What to Look for When Buying Trailer Jacks

Actually buying a jack, stabilizer or leveling block can be a little tricky. You need to make sure that the jack and your RV get along properly.

Choosing the wrong jack could cause damage to your RV, could break the jack or you could be snoozing and feel the jack give way, leaving you trying to restore order with a jack that just won’t work.

When shopping for a jack you need to bring information about your particular RV along with you, especially your RV’s height, weight, and dimensions. You can work with an associate at your local RV dealer or parts store to find the perfect jacks to keep you nice and level.

As is the case with hitches, quality is key when purchasing an RV or travel trailer jack. Flimsy or cheap jacks will likely function fine for a while but will fail long before you want them to. I know a lot of RVing is about saving money but in the case of a leveling jack, feel free to spend a bit extra to ensure you get a quality product. Look at customer testimonials and reviews, construction and different warranties to make sure the product you’re purchasing will function for you and for a long time.

Using an RV or Travel Trailer Jack

It is important that you know exactly what you’re doing when operating a jack, stabilizer or leveling block. Failure to do so could cause damage to your RV, a broken jack, and could even lead to physical injury.

Take time with both your jack and RV manual so you know exactly where you’ll be placing it and that the two can work together. Have an expert at your local RV store or dealership prove their use if you want to feel confident.

So that’s a great start on learning about RV travel trailer jacks. Make sure your RV and jack match up, choose quality over saving money and make certain you know how to use it before damaging your ride or yourself. Pull in, level out and enjoy yourself at the RV park, campground or resort of your dreams.