RVillage - The Social Network RVers Need

Looking for a social network for RVers? We've found one!


Not too long ago when a camper mentioned a social network, they were likely talking about a group of road-tripping friends or everybody around the campfire roasting marshmallows underneath the starlight. Now, of course, you can’t hear the phrase without thinking about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any of the myriad of social networks.

What if there was a way to combine the old school and new school definitions? A high-tech way to connect to those around the campfire? Well thanks to RVillage, there is. Let’s take a look at RVillage including what it is, its benefits and how to join up today so you can get started with this fun concept. 

What is RVillage?

Some would argue that RVing is not always about traveling the roads and seeing new places but rather making meaningful connections with those around you, family, friends, and strangers alike. Some RVers have met and made lifelong friends playing horseshoes at the RV park or chatting at the dump station, but most of these friendships are as fleeting as fall colors. 

RVillage seeks to strengthen and open up these friendships and relationships by creating a social network aimed at RVers. RVillage argues that while we can make many friends at RV campgrounds there might be several great connections that go missed. RVillage lets you find interests, hobbies or ideas of your RV neighbors right across the way at the RV park or even across the country. The aim of RVillage is to get more RVers together to plan events, shoot a round of golf or just sit around the fire and share stories from on the road.

Some example features include exploring nearby members, making groups and planning meetups and get-togethers. 

RVillage was founded by Curtis Coleman, a full-time RVer and enthusiast who can boast more than 30 years of experience around RVs and the world of RVing. Coleman has done just about everything in life from real estate investment to being a member of folk-singing group The New Christy Minstrels. In the end, Coleman decided to devote his time and energy into developing RVillage and change the way RVers interact with each other, both online and at the campsite. 

The Benefits of RVillage 

The primary goal of RVillage is to connect RVers around the world, but the benefits don’t end there. RVillage also seeks to help RVers find RV-friendly businesses and services such as mechanics, dealers and of course RV parks. RVillage has not wasted any time on finding partnerships as they currently boast recommendations from some heavy hitters in the RV world such as the Family Motor Coach Association, Escapees RV Club, Passport America and KOA Campgrounds just to name a few. So not only does RVillage help strengthen relationships, it gets you in touch with plenty of helpful services and utilities.


How to Join RVillage 

Even if you’re not too inclined you don’t need to worry as RVillage is simple to join. Log onto RVillage.com and fill out some basic information, when you’re finished just click the big green Join for Free button and you’re on your way, you can choose to register just yourself, you and your partner and even your whole family. If you already have Facebook (and who doesn’t) you can link your Facebook profile to RVillage, just click the Login with Facebook button at the top right to get started on RVillage.


RVillage is currently over 31,000 members strong and growing every day. If you want to find a new way to connect to RVers around you (or miles away) give RVillage a try. You’ll find yourself meeting new people and experiencing new things in no time.