Is the Truth Out There? RV the Extraterrestrial Highway to Find Out

RVing to Area 51 is easy, it's getting out that's hard

ET Highway
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We are not alone. That’s the mantra of thousands of people across the United States that not only believe that there is extraterrestrial life in the universe, but that this alien life has been to the United States before. Whether you believe that aliens exist and that the government is covering up, the “search” for extraterrestrial life and all the stories that come with alien life are just downright fun.

If you are a big UFO buff and want to take a search for “objects of interest” and help find aliens, there is one certain area of the United States that is just perfect. No, we aren’t talking about Area 51 (we’ll get to that later), we are talking about the Extraterrestrial Highway. Let’s look into this mysterious stretch of road including what makes it popular, places to go as well as places to camp at when seeking alien life, do you believe?

RVing to the Extraterrestrial Highway 

Nevada State Route 375 is a boring stretch of road that runs for 98 miles in south-central Nevada. The route runs from State Route 318 in Crystal Springs Nevada to US Route 6 in Warm Springs and at first glance, would just be another run of desert road, but Nevada State Route 375 is special due to the amount of UFO sightings and with a number of sightings has earned the nickname and later official designation as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this highway is in near to the infamous Area 51, the location of alleged extraterrestrial research by the US government. Add these two things together and you have an otherwise boring stretch of road that UFO enthusiasts flock to get a glimpse of a UFO themselves. ​​​

Picketts RV Park: Alamo, Nevada 

Picketts RV Park is the place to begin your search for extraterrestrial life. Picketts can handle rides up to 70 feet in length and gives you full utility hookups on top of cable TV and Wi-Fi access. You can be assured that there are no aliens marching around the bathrooms, showers or laundry areas as these areas are kept clean. On top of the basics of the park you also have propane refills, a dump station, and manager on site 24/7 should you have any issues. An all-around fine ​RV park.

Pro Tip: You may be tempted to dry camp or boondock along the route, but we don't advise it. Since you will be traveling near government installations, trespassing laws are in full effect even if you don't see a sign warning you of them.

What to Do Along the Extraterrestrial Highway 

Luckily you have more than just a stretch of road to keep you entertained along the infamous Highway 375. One of the most popular roadside stops is the mom and pop diner aptly nicknamed the Little A’Le’Inn. At the Little A’Le’Inn you can grab a burger or a beer and chat with the local staff about local alien activity, all while being surrounded by alien memorabilia. A classic roadside stop to be sure, but fun nonetheless. 

After having a bite at the Little A’Le’Inn you can head over near Area 51 to check out the action for yourself. Of course, Area 51 itself is off-limits to most everybody but your best chance to sneak a peek at this infamous site comes with a hike over Tikaboo Peak which offers your best views. Be prepared for a tough hike, it's steep! 

Pro Tip: Don't attempt to ​RV to the front gate of Area 51, no matter how curious you are. Area 51 is still a shoot first, ask questions later government installation. Travel there at your own risk!

One last fun stop comes with a visit to Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark in the nearby Great Basin Desert. Geologists say that the crater was created by neither an alien nor anything extraterrestrial such as a meteor, but that’s just what they say, it could be a cover-up. 

So if you believe they are out there or you just need something to do near Las Vegas, try out this infamous stretch of highway known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Who knows, you could catch a glimpse of little green men yourself. And while you're on the road, you may want to go to Roswell too.

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