5 of the Best RV Parks in South Central Mexico

Chili stand in Tepoztlan, Mexico
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There’s no question that the size and variety of the United States make it a great place for some RVing. However, hanging out in your comfort zone does get repetitive after a while. That’s why some RVers throw caution to the wind and venture south of the border for some fantastic Mexican RVing.

An exciting place to try out a Mexican journey comes in the south central portion of Mexico. Home to some of the largest cities in Mexico, it’s also home to some big-time adventure.

Let’s take a look at some of the places to stay in south central Mexico and things to do while you’re there. Here are our top five best RV parks for south central Mexico. For the purposes of this article south central Mexico includes the states of México, Morelos and the Federal District of Mexico. 

5 of the Best RV Parks in South Central Mexico

Note: The south central region of Mexico is quite small; you will see some parks within the same city but the choice is hardly ever a bad thing.

El Paraiso Trailer Park: Cuernavaca, Morelos 

A very relaxing environment will greet you are yours when you stay at the El Paraiso Trailer Park in the lovely town of Cuernavaca. The park also comes with 150 large sites which are outfitted with all three major utility connections so no worry about your air conditioning. The bathroom and shower facilities are kept clean and you also get some fun amenities and features such as a swimming pool, kiddie pool, park rec area and a camping store. Plenty of amenities and features to keep you comfortable as you explore the nearby city of Cuernavaca.


Cuernavaca hosts several varied options of things to do. If you’re in Mexico to view ancient ruins your best bet in Cuernavaca can be found at the Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco, it’s not quite the Teotihuacán World Heritage Site, but impressive nonetheless. If you like old cityscapes than you can try out Palacio de Cortes or Cathedral Ascension. Adrenaline junkies will dig the river rafting, mountaineering and climbing tours and don’t forget about the Robert Brady Museum which houses original Frida Kahlo paintings.


Hotel Versalles: Cuernavaca, Morelos 

As opposed to El Paraiso, which is more of a multiple day/night RV park, Hotel Versalles is better for those are who just stopping by the area before continuing to different portions of Mexico. Like many Mexican RV parks, this one is an RV park adjoined to a hotel with six spots with full utility hookups as well as washrooms and showers. You do get to take advantage of the hotel’s amenities which include an onsite restaurant and pool. 

Since we’ve already covered Cuernavaca with El Paraiso, let’s travel to the nearby town of Tepoztlan (not to be confused with Tepotzotlan) for some more adventure within the Morelos area. You can visit the peaceful ruins of Tepozteco, check out the old mission style architecture of Ex Convento Dominico de la Natividad or check out the lively market of Mercado Artesanal de Tepoztlan. The area is also great for couples with many great restaurants, spas and other ways to get your batteries recharged.


Teotihuacán RV and Trailer Park: Teotihuacán, México 

Teotihuacán RV and Trailer Park is one of the best areas to stay at whether you want to explore the local ruins or jet over to the sites and sounds of Mexico City. 40 sites, all with fill utility hookups nestled right within the city but secured within a fence to keep everything secure. You also have washrooms and showers to help get you clean after seeing all the local sites. You can also take a bus right into Mexico City which is great, Mexico City is no place for RVs. 

We’ll cover the fun of nearby Mexico City on other parks so we want to focus on Teotihuacán itself for this park. There’s no question that your number one goal should be the Teotihuacan World Heritage Site. This place is loaded with stunning ruins including the gigantic Pyramid of the Sun. The Teotihuacan site can take anywhere from one to two days to see so if you’re looking for anything else try Teotihuacan en Bici or the local Animal Kingdom is the kids get a little tired of ruins. If you love ancient structures, Teotihuacan is the perfect place for you.


Pepe’s RV and Trailer Park: Tepotzotlan, Mexico 

Pepe's RV and Trailer Park is a fantastic park to be close to the sprawling Mexico City. A large Mexican RV park with 80 full hookups in a quiet suburban setting. There is not an incredible amount of amenities but the park is paved, has all major utility connections at RV sites, has clean washrooms and showers and also laundry facilities. All within a secure campground where there shouldn’t be too many worries about your RV. 

Mexico City is one of the five largest cities by population in the world. You bet there are lots of things to do. The city is packed with ornate and historical buildings that may you leave breathless, some of the most popular include Coyoacan, Palicio de Bellas Artes, and Chapultepec Castle. If you’re looking for culture and history you’ll find it at the National Museum of Anthropology, the Frida Kahlo Museum or Museo del Templo Mayor. All of these featured buildings and sites only scratch the surface of the amount there is to see in Mexico City.

If you want to make sure you get some good sightseeing in, consider signing up for a guided city tour. 

Campanarios Camping Spot: Tepotzotlan, Mexico 

Another great RV park for visiting ancient ruins or Mexico City is found at Campanarios Camping Spot. This park hosts 70 large grassy sites that come outfitted with full utility hookups. There are other features and amenities such as washrooms and showers that will keep you happy during your stay. 

Since we’ve already covered Mexico City, let’s take a look at the town of Tepotzotlan itself. Though Mexico City is a sprawling urban environment, Tepotzotlan has a much more rustic, country feel. Ecotourism is very popular in this area so you can research different companies to show you around the local points of interest such as Parque Estatal Sierra de Tepotzotlan or the Museo Nacional del Virreinato. If you need to reset after the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, Tepotzotlan is a safe bet. 

South central Mexico is a great combination of old world ruins and the sprawling urban center of Mexico City. If you are looking for a variety in a Mexican trip, as well as some great places to stay, consider going on this south central Mexico trip.