4 of the Best RV Parks in Northeast Mexico

Your guide to the best RV parks in Northeast Mexico

pyramid in Northeast Mexico
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The United States holds many great treasures for RVers to explore but the adventure of RVing extends south of the border as well. Sometimes you just have to get down to Mexico. Along the Texas border and extending south is an area we will call the northeast region of Mexico. The northeast region includes the states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.

If you’re ready to head to this area you’ll need some great places to stay. Check out this guide of the top four best RV parks for northeast Mexico to get an idea of where to stay. 

4 of the Best RV Parks in Northeast Mexico

La Gaviota Hotel and RV Park: La Pesca, Tamaulipas

It’s about time we got back on the coast and that’s what you get when staying at La Gaviota Hotel and RV Park. This little 12 site RV park is part of the La Goviota Resort which gets you some extra amenities other than just full-service sites with your choice of 15 or 30 amp electric. You also get access to the resort’s pools and restaurants as well as mini-golf, fishing docks, and tennis courts. Shell out 17 bucks for a welcome or departure feast. 

You’ll find La Pesca on a series of islands and isthmuses right on the Gulf of Mexico so you should concentrate your time of just relaxing and soaking in some sun. La Pesca Beach is one of the more popular beaches in the area but there are plenty to choose from. Rent a kayak, try out some fishing, fly a kite or just wiggle your toes in the sand or warm gulf waters. La Pesca is not about sightseeing, just relaxing. 

Hotel Imperial de Norte and Trailer Park: Saltillo, Coahuila

Hotel Imperial de Norte annd Trailer Park is not loaded with amenities but it has plenty to see you through your northeast Mexico journey. Eight RV sites come backed with full utility hookups and is open all year. There is a great pool to cool off in the Mexican heat as well as a wading pool for the kiddies. You’ll get to use many of the amenities from the hotel such as laundry facilities, business room, gardens, group meeting areas and jogging track. 

Not a ton of outdoor recreation area in the Saltillo area but still plenty of points of interest to keep you busy. Number one on your list will be the Museo del Desierto (Desert Museum) which is full of exhibits and artifacts about on dinosaurs, desert life and more. The Desert Museum is also a zoo so there’s stuff for the kids as well. Others come to Saltillo for the historical buildings and architecture and it’s a safe bet to check this history out at Cathedral de Santiago de Saltillo. Other fascinating museums and art galleries include Museo de la Aves, Centro Cultural Casa Purcell and music buffs will love Museo de la Revolucion Mexicana.

Bahia Escondida Hotel and RV Park: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Now this is a resort! Normally you’d be impressed if a resort covered 38 acres but this one actually fills up 38 hectacres of space and is ready to accommodate you and yours. Despite all that space there are only 26 RV sites but all sites come with full hookups and 50 amp electric so you won’t be struggling for adapters. Luckily staying at the RV park means you get to take advantage of many of the resort’s amenities such as their bathhouses and laundry facilities as well as their numerous resort style pools, restaurants, and other accommodations.

If the kids have been complaining about being stuck in the RV, let them loose at Bahia Escondida. 

Monterrey is a large city with plenty to do and the urban parks are outstanding. Some of the better urban parks of Monterrey include Parque Fundidora, the Paseo de Santa Lucia and the Gran Plaza o Macroplaza. Outdoor lovers can try out Parque Ecologico Chipinque and if you like adventure but want “indoors” you can check out the local caves known as Grutas de Garcia. If you’re digging the local art and history scene make sure to check out the Museo del Acero Horno3 and MARCO (Museum of Contempirary Art).

Hotel Mante and RV Park: Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas

We finish out our RV parks in northeast Mexico to a visit to another RV park and hotel coupling at Hotel Mante and RV Park. Another small RV park with only 15 sites but all 15 sites come with full utility hookups. You’ll get to use the park and hotel’s amenities like showers and bathhouses while also getting some fun things to do such as using the hotel’s pool all with the help of the hotel’s friendly staff. 

You’ll be staying in Ciudad Mante but you’ll likely be getting a little out of the city to experience the local fun. El Nacimiento is a gorgeous spring flowing seemingly from the mountains and it is a great place to have a picnic before exploring the Sierra de Cucharas (Spoon Mountains.) There are caves and caverns along these mountains as well and if you really want to try something neat, visit the incredible area known simply as El Cielo (The Heaven.) El Cielo is a massive 350,000-acre biosphere reserve that displays many of the unique flora and fauna of northeast Mexico.


So if you’re looking for a new kind of adventure but don’t want to drive for days, consider northeast Mexico and these RV parks to get in on some RV travel fun south of the border.