Want to RV or Camp in a Garden? Try Gamping!

A look at Gamping.com and the popularity of garden RVing and camping

Gamping.com gives you the chance to try out garden RVing. Gamping.com

​The world is full of unique campgrounds, parks and sites. It seems like there is almost a limitless number to choose from which is great for most campers but you do run into a few issues. The quality campsites are usually packed out, especially during peak season. This goes not only for the United States but for most of the developed world.

Also when you get out of the United States you may find that there are less options when it comes to a decent site. You don’t want to be driving around the English countryside and jamming your RV into a tight camp or not have a decent place to stay close to a favorite vineyard in Napa Valley right?

Well, luckily for RVers around the world, Gamping.com offers a unique experience hardly found in the RVing world. So what is Gamping.com all about? We’ll explore gamping as an alternative to traditional RV sites including what the organization is about, how they work as well as the types of sites that Gamping.com can offer up.

What is Gamping.com?

Gamping, or garden camping, and their associated website Gamping.com offer a unique alternative to traditional RV camps and sites. The concept is simple. If a property owner has a location or site they hardly find themselves using, such as a farm, vineyard, private beach or any location, they can choose to rent out the space to campers and RVers.

This is great to RVers for many reasons. Many RVers prefer privacy when on their excursions and you’re not likely to find privacy in popular camping locations, especially close to popular locales. Instead of renting a space at an RV park near the Grand Canyon that you know will be crowded, you might instead opt to choose Gamping.com to find a location that is just as close but with one private site.

Gamping.com is also great if you’re trying to find a location that may not be near traditional RV or camping sites. Say you’ll be fishing in a more remote location in Montana or trying to find a great place to stay in the rolling hills of Ireland. These areas may not have RV sites near but Gamping.com may have a private landowner nearby who is more than happy to rent their private space to you.

Gamping is also great for budget travelers. Many of their private sites are free of charge but most come with charges that will still be much less than traditional sites. You may have to sacrifice in amenities when it comes to some of these private sites but to many RVers, the low cost and privacy is well worth it.

A Brief History of Gamping.com

Gamping.com was founded in 2014 in France by Joseph Leopold, Pierrick Boissel, and Louis-Xavier Vignal. Currently the site boasts more than 25,000 active users and 3,000 hosts with over 8,000 campsites available. In two years, Gamping.com has expanded to 42 countries and are focusing on expanding to other countries throughout Europe as well as offering more campsites in the United Kingdom.

How to Use Gamping.com

Point your browser to Gamping.com to start. Find the Sign Up button in the upper right of the website to sign up for a free membership. After you have registered you can use the homepage to find the link to options for Motorhomes. Use the Motorhomes section to browse different sites and book one that appeal to you.

When browsing different sites you can find more information about what type of RVs the site permits as well as different features and amenities, as well as recreational activities that the site may include. For a low fee, you can book a gamping site in no time through the website and be on your way to planning your next RV adventure.

You can also list any land or location that you have available for use and rental as well.

So if you’re tired of the same RV parks and sites you should try Gamping.com for your next trip. Gamping.com offers a unique RVing and camping experience that’s tough to find elsewhere.

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