Your RV Guide to Dover International Speedway

What you need to know about RVing to Dover International Speedway

Dover International Speedway
Dover International Speedway. Jerry Markland/Getty Images

If you want a NASCAR track that’s a monstrous load of fun, then you need to make your way to Dover, Delaware. Dover is home to Dover International Speedway (DIS), and the one-mile track known simply as the “Monster Mile.” Everything is monstrous about Dover, so much so that the trophy for winning certain events at Dover is a monster statue known as Miles the Monster. If you’re ready to take on the monster for yourself, you’ll need to be properly prepared.

Let’s get in-depth about Dover International Speedway, including information about the track, where to RV camp at Dover, where to RV camp nearby, and some tips and tricks for taking on the monster mile.

A Brief History of Dover International Speedway

Dover is one of the older tracks on the NASCAR circuit. DIS has been hosting at last two NASCAR events per year since 1969, including Spring Cup events. Over the years the one-mile oval track has received improvements and upgrades, the asphalt surface was switched to concrete in 1995, and the track saw the “Monster Makeover” from 2007 to 2009 which unlike the name suggests, sought to make the track more beautiful.

RVing to Dover International Speedway

For the true NASCAR experience, you should RV camp right at DIS. For full information, please visit DIS’s RVing page.

Reserved RV Parking

  • RV Lots 2, 7, 8, and 9
  • Convenience store accessible
  • Free water accessible
  • Nearby showers for a fee
  • Water delivery available for a fee
  • Wastewater disposal available for a fee
  • Shuttle within short walking distance
  • Free trash pickup
  • Portable toilets
  • Security patrol

Unreserved RV Parking

  • RV Lots 6 and 10
  • Showers at Lot 10 for a fee
  • Water delivery available for a fee
  • Wastewater disposal available for a fee
  • Shuttle service
  • Free trash pickup
  • Portable toilets
  • Security patrol

ADA Accessible RV Parking

  • RV Lot 6
  • Shuttle service
  • Meets ADA guidelines

RVing Near Dover International Speedway

Though it’s loads of fun, not everyone wants to spend all weekend partying along the Monster Mile. For those who need more amenities and peace, here are three great RV parks to consider.

Burnt Ducks Hunting and Camping Lodge: Dover, DE 

Burnt Ducks is located close to Dover International Speedway and is prepared for race weekends and Firefly Music Festival each year. They offer dry RV sites, although for smaller RVs – the campsites are only 12’ x 25’ in size. They have portable toilets, showers, internet access, and daily trash pickup for visitors. They also provide transportation to and from the speedway so that you can get there on race days. You can drive the 10-minutes or so it will take to get there or walk to and from the racetrack if you’re up for it.

Killens Pond State Park: Felton, DE

If you want to calm down after all the action, you can try out Killens Pond State Park. There are 59 sites with water and electric utilities nestled in the shaded scenery. There are several other amenities and facilities at Killens Pond State Park, including a dump station, showers, hiking trails, picnic pavilions, and even baseball fields. If you need some peace after battling the monster, your best bet is with Killens Pond State Park. Killens is a 30-minute drive to Dover, so plan accordingly for traffic.

Holiday Park Campground: Greensboro, MD

You may be a state over, but you’ll still only be a handful of miles away from DIS when you camp at Holiday Park Campground. This full-service RV campground offers 200 individual sites all outfitted with water and electric hookups. Other amenities and features at Holiday Park include free hot showers, picnic tables, fire rings, laundry facilities, camp store, dump stations, and pump-out service. A great park if you’re looking for all your creature comforts. Holiday Park Campground is about a 40-minute drive from the raceway, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get to and from the speedway.

Dover is used to big events taking over the speedway throughout the year. Many homeowners and local businesses offer RV parking the weekend of these events. Most you can’t call ahead and book, so you risk not finding a spot for your rig if you drive into town or having to travel further away from the speedway and spending more to get a spot for the weekend. Keep this in mind if you decide to wing it on a trip to Dover.

Tips and Tricks for RVing to Dover International Speedway

Knowing a few tips and tricks will get you on the lead lap at Dover International Speedway, here are some tips and tricks to make things smoother visiting Dover:

  • Quiet hours are from midnight to six AM. Quiet hours include shutting off generators.
  • DIS does not stage RVs for entrance.
  • All RVs must be self-contained.
  • Have your parking release ready before you hit the lot.
  • Trash liners are available at parking attendant stations.
  • You are not allowed to move your RV once you have been assigned a spot unless you pay another lot fee.

With all your new-found information on the Monster Mile, you’ll be ready for Dover International Speedway in the spring and fall race weekends. Try out Dover for yourself to see what all the fuss about when it comes to this monster of a track.

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