Your RV Guide to Bristol Motor Speedway

An RVer's guide to Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway
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NASCAR tracks host some of the largest crowds not only in the United States, but in the entire world. A packed house of 160,000 screaming fans is what you’ll get if you take your RV down to Bristol Motor Speedway for a race weekend. It always helps to be properly prepared for RVing to a NASCAR event.

That’s why we’ve outlined the need-to-know for Bristol Motor Speedway with an introduction to the track ways to RV at and near the track as well as some tips and tricks to get you out in the lead.

About Bristol Motor Speedway

Self-proclaimed as “The Fastest Half Mile in the World,” Bristol Motor Speedway may have a short oval 0.53 mile track but it is one of the most thrilling in NASCAR due to the steep banking on such a small track. Bristol Motor Speedway broke ground in 1960 and has been featured as a fan-favorite on the major NASCAR circuit since 1961. With a seating capacity around 160,000, Bristol is one of the most raucous fan environments in all of NASCAR. Currently, Bristol Motor Speedway hosts two weekends of major NASCAR racing.

RVing to Bristol Motor Speedway

There are five distinct campgrounds at Bristol Motor Speedway, let’s get some of the basic information on them to help you decide which route to go. For more information on camping at Bristol, please visit their camping page.

Medallian Campground

  • Seasonal pass only
  • 20’ x 50’ RV sites with full utility hookups
  • Septic service available
  • Golf cart shuttle service
  • Shower/bath house facilities
  • 24 hr assistance/security

The Dragstrip Campground

  • Multiple site types and sizes
  • Dry camping to full utility hookups
  • Access to bath house/shower facility
  • 24 hr assistance/security
  • Access to water/dump stations
  • $75 - $860

The Landing Campground

  • 20’ x 50” RV sites
  • Dry camping, no utilty hookups
  • Access to bathhouse/shower facility
  • Access to water/dump stations
  • 24 hr assistance/security
  • Free tram service to and from the track
  • $125

White Top Creek Park Tent Camping

  • Tent camping only

Non-Hookup Speedway Parking and Camping

  • 20’ x 50’ gravel site
  • No hookups
  • Access to showers
  • Access to water stations
  • Free tram service to and from track
  • 24 hr assistance/security
  • $99

RVing Near Bristol Motor Speedway

There are a fair number of options for RVing to Bristol Motor Speedway but we know some prefer to camp nearby. Here are two of our favorite nearby RV parks.

Shadrack Campground: Bristol, TN

A no-frills campground located very near the track. Shadrack Campground has several race week specials and many different types of sites. Most sites come with water and electric hookups though there is dry camping available. You can even rent a motorhome for race weekends. Shadrack gives you your basic amenities such as spotless showers and bathrooms but they also give you a picnic group use area, dump station and laundry facilities. There are also many activities planned out for race weekends.

Lakeview RV Park: Bluff City, TN

Not as close as Shadrack Campground but Lakeview RV Park is still an easy drive at three miles to the track. You have full utility service at all sites which overlook beautiful Boone Lake. The laundry facilities and bathroom areas are kept perfectly clean. There are plenty of other amenities and features at Lakeview RV Park including campground store, group use areas, onsite grill, and an extremely friendly staff.

Tips and Tricks for RVing to Bristol Motor Speedway

Knowing a few tips, tricks, rules and regulations will help get you ahead of the pack at Bristol Motor Speedway:

  • Preplan your route before heading out, knowing your route and where to go for your designated camp area can save a ton of time.
  • No golf carts or ATVs allowed.
  • Bring proper footwear, you could be moving around a lot.
  • Make sure your cooler meets Bristol guidelines (14” x 14” x 14”.)
  • You are allowed one carry-on bag in addition to a cooler.
  • Absolutely no glass allowed.
  • You are very close to the action on the track, earplugs are recommended.
  • Weather can change quickly in Bristol. Make sure you’re prepared for hot and cold.
  • Bristol Motor Speedway has also provided their own page for first-timers to the track. Visit their first time fan’s page to plan your trip to Bristol.

There’s not many more tracks in NASCAR that have such a large number of people crammed over a half mile track. If you’re looking for a NASCAR weekend full of fun, roaring engines, and an atmosphere unlike any other, try RVing to Bristol Motor Speedway.

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