RV Destination: Grand Canyon National Park

An RVers Profile of Grand Canyon National Park

Michele Falzone/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

The name says it all: Grand Canyon. The spectacular series of gorges and canyons has some grand numbers to go along with it. Grand Canyon National Park is nearly 100 years old, sprawls over one million acres, has rocks at the bottom over one billion years old, and sees over five million annual visitors. Even the word grand seems like an understatement.

Grand Canyon National Park is also a popular destination for RVers from all across North America and beyond. Let’s look at what Grand Canyon has to offer RVers from places to stay to things to do. 

Where to Stay at the Grand Canyon When RVing

Trailer Village, managed by Xanterra Parks and Resorts, is the only true RV campground located inside of Grand Canyon National Park. The park is open all year and has all the amenities that RVers could ever ask for. Sites include electrical, sewer, water, and even TV hook ups. It’s easy to unwind after a long day with picnic tables and grills at every individual site. Trailer Village offers full facilities, including showers, laundry, dump, and fill stations. 

Grand Canyon National Park offers dry camping sites as well, scattered around the South Rim of the park, including Mather Park which lies within Grand Canyon Village on the west side of the South Rim. Grand Canyon Village offers sites for RVs up to 30 feet and contains a visitor’s center. Grand Canyon Village is also the hub for bus and train tours. Desert View Campground on the east side of the South Rim is also available for RVs throughout the year. 

What to Do Once You Arrive at the Grand Canyon

Now that we have taken care of places to stay, let’s focus on some of the popular activities going on around the Grand Canyon. You won’t run out of sites to see as the only thing you need to worry about is which way you will see them. Here are the options for easy riders and those for the more adventurous folks. 

If you’re content to relax and take in the views the Grand Canyon has plenty of ways to do this. Get out of the driver’s seat and go on a bus tour. Grand Canyon National Park offers free shuttles that whisk you along Hermit Road; the tour offers some of the best available views of the park. Commercial bus tours are available along the road as well. 

Attend free park ranger programs to learn about the history, science, and future of the Grand Canyon or use you cell phone to find audio tours that guide you along points of interest in the park. 

For those seeking thrills, the Grand Canyon is wide open for you as well. Take a whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River to learn how truly massive the canyon is, trips can last anywhere for three days to three weeks. Hike in the backcountry, or bring along a bike to whiz across Hermit Road. 

For a full list of activities, check out the National Parks Service’s Grand Canyon activities page.

Best Time for RVers to Visit Grand Canyon National Park

According to US News Travel the best times to enjoy Grand Canyon National Park are March through May and September through November. These timeframes are outside the peak summer season so there are fewer people and more lodging options available. The drawback of visiting outside of peak season is the weather. Be prepared for cooler temperatures and even snow. Parts of the park, especially the North Rim, close during the winter months. 

For RVers, visiting the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s RVing bucket list. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fuel up, pack up and head out to enjoy the wanders and beauty of Grand Canyon National Park