RV Destination: Crater Lake National Park

An RVers Profile of Crater Lake National Park

Patrick Brooks Brandenburg/Aurora/Getty Images

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could visit the vestiges of a dead volcano, the deepest lake in the United States, and a National Park all at the same time? If that sounds like a cool trip, it’s time to pack up the RV and head to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is found in Klamath County, Oregon, and is an incredible sight with its deep blue waters, ebbing cliffs, and postcard worthy views.

It’s no wonder this experiment by Mother Nature is a prime destination for RVers. Let’s review what the RVer needs to know before heading off to Crater Lake.

Where to Stay in Crater Lake National Park While RVing

If you want to stay within the park limits in your RV, then you have just one choice in the Mazama Village Campground. Mazama offers 214 tent and RV sites. They allow RVs and travel trailers up to 50 feet in the length. However, only a handful of the sites at Mazama offer utility hookups, so if you want electric its best to book your site well in advance. 

If dry camping is fine by you, then Mazama will be a suitable camping area as it offers facilities such as showers, laundry, fire pits, fresh water filling, and dump stations along with a general store. 

If you prefer to have more amenities available, there are areas to stay nearby the park. It’s best to decide which area near the park would be the most appealing to you and then search for parks and resorts from there. I recommend the Crater Lakes Backyard web site to preview different parks and resorts by amenities and location. 

My personal vote goes to Crater Lake Resort, this resort has full electric, water, and gas hookups, Wi-Fi, and full facilities. The park itself offers free canoe rentals, fishing, miles of hiking, and biking trails are all close to Crater Lake National Park boundaries. 

What to Do Once You Arrive at Crater Lake National Park

Unlike other National Park destinations, such as Yellowstone or Yosemite, there are not as many particular destinations or points of interest at Crater Lake. Crater Lake is less about what to see rather than how to see. 

We recommend the Rim Drive for the best way to make your way around the lake. You can navigate Rim Drive in a vehicle during the summer months, but we advise you to enjoy it by foot or bicycle for a more intimate experience.

In the summer months, the best options are hiking, biking, ranger led tours, backpacking, and camping. If you’re a fisherman, Crater Lake requires no license and no limits for catching rainbow trout and kokanee salmon.

Crater Lake is open year round, so there are things to do in the winter as well. Popular activities include snow-showing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling is permitted in certain areas to go.

Best Time for RVers to Visit Redwood National Park

Nearly half a million people visit Crater Lake National Park every year but less than 100,000 people visit outside of the peak months of June through August. Try visiting the park right before or right after peak season but prepare for snow. With an average annual snowfall of 44 feet, you are likely to be met with flurries at the least. Always visit the park’s web site to find out about potential road and trail closures. 

If you ever find yourself in the Pacific Northwest try to find your way to Klamath County to take in the spectacular views of Crater Lake National Park.