Rush Hour Commute Times from East Valley Cities

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Jeff Topping / Getty Images News

In an effort to give people an idea of how long it takes to commute from various locations around the Greater Phoenix area, visitors to Phoenix. completed a survey.

There is nothing scientific or statistically significant about these rush hour survey results. No public funds were used for this research, and no research grants were obtained! Obviously, there are factors that affect how long it takes someone to drive from here to there.

Not everyone has the same driving habits or style. Even which entrance ramp you use to get on the highway can affect your travel time. Sometimes there are accidents, road closures, or unusual weather occurrences. Taking all that into account, here's my disclaimer: your rush hour commute may be different than is mentioned here. This information is provided merely to give people an idea of how long they might be in their cars during rush hour when they live in the Phoenix area.

These are the survey responses for rush hour commutes from the East Valley. East Valley, in this case, includes Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction. If you are not driving during rush hour, but you want to know how long it takes to get around town, here are general driving times and distances between local cities and towns.


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