Photos of Rural Life in Uganda, East Africa

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Young Child

Young Child, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Images of Daily Life in Uganda by Lauren Himiak

Lauren Himiak took these beautiful photos of rural life in Uganda while volunteering in the small village of Kyazanga. She worked with the House of Hope, an organization she found through the Global Volunteer Network (GVN). House of Hope is focused on bringing aid and education to the orphans of the Masaka District in Western Uganda. At the primary school, Lauren worked with children ranging in age from 3-15 years old, who had lost their guardians due to AIDS and other illnesses.

During my stay, I lived in a compound within the village of Kyazanga and was provided a bed with mosquito netting, as well as 3 meals a day. Though there was no running water, I was provided with a communal “squat” latrine, as well as an enclosed area for bathing using a bucket of water. Life in Uganda was completely different than anything I had ever experienced I consider it a gift and a very rare opportunity to live in such a different way.

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Just one of the many beautiful young children living in Kyazanga village, western Uganda.

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New School Uniforms

New School Uniforms, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Brand new school uniforms for the kids, from donations solicited by Lauren during her volunteer stint in Kyazanga village, western Uganda.

All schools in rural sub-Saharan Africa require children to wear school uniforms to attend school. It's quite an expense and often the only outfit kids own.

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School Classroom

School Classroom, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

This is the best classroom, reserved for top students, at the primary school Lauren worked at in Kyazanga village in western Uganda. Children sit 3-4 to a desk.

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Grandmother With Groundnuts

Grandma with Groundnuts, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

With two crops a year and a steady market demand, groundnuts offer an excellent source of extra income for many villagers in Western Uganda.

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School Boys at Home

School Boys at Home, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Part of Lauren's job was to visit the school kids at home to make sure they were getting taken care of. Many lived with single parents or guardians.

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Playing Football in Rural Uganda

Playing Football (Soccer), Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Playing football, in the village field. Football is played everywhere in rural Africa, regardless of whether the ball is made from rags or plastic bags.

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Weaving Baskets

Weaving Baskets, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Many primary school girls in Kyazanga village learn to weave baskets. After Lauren's volunteer stint, she was presented with two as gifts.

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Mother and Child

Mother and Child, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Mother and child in a village located in the Maseka District of western Uganda.

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Daily Washing With Baby on the Back

Woman Washing with Baby, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

A classic scene in rural Africa, a mother with baby doing the daily laundry in Kyazanga village, western Uganda

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Collecting Water

Pushing Bikes up a Hill, Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

The men and boys of Kyazanga village struggle up the hill with jerrycans filled with water. Collecting water for daily use is a grind for many in rural Africa.

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Joe, from Lugazi village, Uganda

Baby Joe, image of a young child, rural western Uganda
© Lauren Himiak

Lauren stayed with Joe's family for a week. Joe was known as "Captain Sous-Sous Pants". Sous-sous means "the baby is wet". Joe sous-soused on everyone.

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Lauren and the Children of Kyazanga Village

Lauren with her Primary School Students
© Lauren Himiak

Lauren and the children of the primary school/orphanage she volunteered at during the summer of 2009 in the village of Kyazanga in western Uganda.

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