6 Rugged Gadgets Designed for Your Next Adventure

Technology is a quickly evolving medium with all kinds of interesting and innovative products being released all the time. Some of those products make the perfect travel companions, providing convenience and functionality while on the road. So, whether your next trip takes you deep into the urban jungle, or far off the beaten path into some remote corner of the globe, here are six new tech gadgets that should be going with you. 


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    Jackery PowerBar ($199)

    Jackery PowerBar

    Need portable power to keep your tech gadgets up and running no matter where you go? Then look no further than the PowerBar from Jackery. This lightweight battery pack comes equipped with three USB ports and a standard AC wall outlet port to keep all of your devices – including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and even laptops – charged while away from home. The PowerBar is rugged, tough, and built to survive in difficult environments, and best of all it can be paired with a solar panel to keep the battery charged even when you are living way off the grid.

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    Drift Compass Wearable Camera ($130)

    Drift Compass Wearable Camera

    For many travelers a smartphones now serves as their primary digital camera, so it takes something very unique and innovative to capture our attention. The Drift Compass certainly is that, and a whole lot more. This tiny device weighs next to nothing and has been specifically designed to be worn on your person. It can then capture full 1080p video clips, timelapse movies, or up to 12 megapixel still images. It has a 4 hour battery life, can be controlled from your smartphone, and is surprisingly tough for such a small camera. It will even allow you to livestream your adventures for friends and family back home. 

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    Lifeproof Lifeactív Rugged Charging Cables ($40)

    Nonda ZUS charging cable

    Best known for making protective cases for smartphones, Lifeproof as branded off into other areas that make sense for travelers too. For instance, the company offers a line of rugged cables that are tough, durable, and built to survive life on the road. Those cables come in standard USB, USB-C, and Apple Lightning options and feature a braided coating, caps to protect the ends, and the ability to convert to a lanyard so that they can be leashed to cases, bags, or other gear. At the end of the day, these are the best cables you can have with you for recharging your mobile devices. 

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    Dog & Bone Locksmart Mini ($70)

    Locksmart Mini
    Dog & Bone

    Keeping your valuables safe and secure while traveling has never been easier when you use the Locksmart Mini from Dog & Bone. This padlock eschews the use of keys or a combination to instead unlock from your smartphone. Using a special app designed for Android and iOS, the Locksmart Mini connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device, allowing you to unlock it when needed or even share temporary access with others. Tough and rugged, the lock will keep thieves at bay while still allowing you to get to your important items as quickly and easily as possible.

    Note: The Locksmart Mini is not TSA approved, which means you can't use it to secure your luggage when checking your bags or passing through a security checkpoint. 

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    Ecoxgear EcoLantern ($130)

    Ecoexgear EcoLantern

    Light sources for use around the campsite have become brighter, more efficient, and increasingly packed with features making them much better suited for use on our adventures. Take for example the EcoLantern from Ecoxgear, which can put out as much as 400 lumens of light but also serves as Bluetooth speaker and a charging station for a mobile phone. The lamp is dust and waterproof, has five brightness settings, and includes a party mode which syncs to the sound of music being played. 

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    Petzl Reactix+ Rechargeable Headlamp ($110)

    Petzl Reactik+ headlamp

    A good headlamp can come in handy in wide variety of situations, both at home and while traveling abroad. But there are few headlamps that can compare to Petzl Reactix+ in terms of the amount of technology that they have inside. Not only does this light come with a rechargeable battery capable of powering it for as much as 15 hours, it can also produce up to 300 lumens of light too. But best of all, the Reactix+ can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to control its brightness levels for a specified time or activity. The app that controls the headlamp comes with several presets for climbers, trail runners, and other outdoor athletes. But you can also create your own profile to fine tune performance to fit your exact needs. If there is such a thing as a "smart" headlamp, this is most definitely it.