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The Dips Who Need a Dip
"When I phoned to book the room she told me they had a pool. When we arrived, the three girls at the front desk were reading fashion magazines and acted like we were an inconvenience. My husband said we need a refreshing dip in your pool, which way is it? She said snarkily, 'If we had a pool, you would have to find us there, cause we'd be there instead of here.' We immediately started calling other hotels." -Kim (south Dakota)

Yelled At by Front Desk Clerk
"We reserved a room with two queen beds, a sofa bed and a microwave and a refrigerator in it. When we got there we had two double beds and no telephone. We went down to the front desk and the reception lady yelled at me, and then another one came out telling me she didn't promise me that room. I told her I have four kids and two adults, why would I book a room that can only sleep four and make up the rest? I asked her if they had anything else and she said only smoking.

The parking lot was empty. I asked what happened to the other room, and she yelled at me that the costs are different. I asked how much. FIfteen measly dollars, they wouldn't reserve me the room and eat the cost for their mistake? I started to get frustrated and stated just that about the money. She slammed her papers down and drove the key card into the slot and threw them up on the desk. I travel a lot for business and have NEVER encountered 'hospitality' such as this." -Jennifer (Virginia)

Too Busy to be Nice
"When I walked into the hotel, I approached the check-in desk. The clerk, who was not wearing a name tag, did not even bother to look up let alone greet me and welcome me to his establishment. I tried to hand him a photo I.D., a credit card and a AAA card. He made no attempt to take them from me to verify who I was or my billing. He never made eye contact with me nor used my name even once during the transaction. My husband had originally made the reservation for me and had held the room with his credit card.

When I informed the clerk that I wanted to leave the balance on my own credit card, it seemed to be too big of a concept for him to grasp. I am a front desk manager at a four diamond rated property. I chose to stay at this property because they had received a three diamond rating and I felt I would receive great service. Based on that experience alone, I would never recommend this property." -Shannon (Maryland)

Broken Lift
"My 78 year old mother and I stayed there. On second day the lift was not working, we were on the fourth floor. Absolutely promised it would be fixed when we returned. Got back, not working, climbed the four flights. Left next a.m., again absolute promise lift would be working! Not! So, now promise of you can move to first floor, gee, thanks, it's 5 pm, we are tired, lots of fun going up to move things down, and then leave next a.m. No thanks! We went to room and stayed. Told manager we expected a refund of some sort.

She said she would consider it. Next a.m., no refund, but I should not to forget to pay for the bag of chips and can of pop we had from minibar!" -Lorri C. (Paris)

One Word: NICE
"We arrived about an hour before the 3 pm check-in time, went to the desk and asked if we could check in a little early. The person at the desk, in a rude tone, said one word: 'NO.' He then said that our room was not ready. He said that we should be able to check in at 2:30. At 2:30 we went to the desk and this time there were different people behind the desk, who by the way must have also graduated from the same 'how to be rude to hotel guests' college. I asked again if we could have our room.

You guessed it; we got the same one word response: the big "N-O." -Foodguru2u (Toronto)

If Only I Did Own the Hotel
"You need to retrain your entire front desk staff. I dealt with three separate individuals all poorer than the next. The first clerk couldn't even tell me where hotel guests can park their cars. She had no clue. I have to drive to four parking garages until I finally found one that would accommodate me overnight. I then went back and trained her where she can tell other guests where they can park their cars. The second clerk: I asked if there was a soda vending machine in the hotel.

Told me he knew there was one but had no idea where it is. I will have to look on every floor until I find it. Doesn't know what floor it's on but it's in a corner. The third clerk: upon check out I told her I was going to pay cash for my room charges I used my credit card to hold the room. First she said I could not pay with cash. I started to say that makes no sense, I would like to pay with cash. Who doesn't except cash? She told me that I could only use cash if I put down a $200 deposit. I said, I'm paying for my room, I am checking out, not checking in.

Again she told me we don't allow cash unless I leave a $200 deposit, because if you destroy the room. I tell her the room is fine, I would like to pay with cash, you have my card information if there was a problem with the room. After the other clerk stepped in for her and took over he allowed me to pay with cash, but she wanted me to know this is a one time thing. What the hell is going on with this hotel?" -IGotRobbed (St. Louis)

Just No Help
"The staff at the hotel were not friendly, or helpful. When asking train times or a picnic basket as the rep said they would do this on 24 hours request, they said no. They said they didn't have train times...did not offer any help at all." - Teresa (San Diego)

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