9 Reasons Business Travelers Love Miami's Royal Palm South Beach Hotel

If you want to capture your employees, partners, or customer's attention, maybe it's time to host a business meeting in South Beach, Miami in the winter. There's something about warm sunshine, incredible clubs and restaurants, and an energetic scene that can work miracles for a business deal. And if you're going to do that, you must check out the Royal Palm South Beach Miami, a Tribute Portfolio Resort.

The Royal Palm South Beach Miami has a long history. Originally built in 1939, the Art-Deco Royal Palm hotel was rebuilt and expanded in the early 2000s. All of the guest rooms were renovated, as are almost all of the public spaces. However, in keeping with both the area and the hotel's history. the entire hotel has an incredible Art Deco feel. Business travelers staying there will do well to imagine hanging out with Noel Coward or F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The hotel is located in the heart of South Beach, but in a perfect position: just north (by one block) of all the busy (and loud) Art Deco hotels, bars, and restaurants, and directly on the beach, with dedicated beach chairs, towel service, and more. Even though the hotel feels like a small boutique hotel, it has a fairly large number of rooms and many services, including restaurants, conference facilities, and more.

A big bonus for frequent business travelers is that the Royal Palm is part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, so you can accrue and use your SPG frequent traveler points there. All-in-all, it's hard to beat the Royal Palm as a place to stay or do business in South Beach.


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    Revel in the Art Deco Ambiance

    Royal Palm Hotel Coffee Bar
    David A. Kelly

    While the Royal Palm is almost completely new from the ground up, there are a few areas of the original hotel that remain, such as this nice coffee bar in the lobby that was the check-in desk for the original hotel.

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    Gather in Cozy Meeting Areas

    Royal Palm hotel meeting areas,
    David A. Kelly

    The grounds of the Royal Palm Hotel are filled with cozy meeting areas for small gathers, business discussions, or just relaxing after a day of meetings. 


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    Get Some Fresh Air

    Royal Palm hotel outdoor meeting spaces
    David A. Kelly

    Granted, if you're in a meeting in Miami, you don't want to be stuck in a meeting room all day. At the Royal Palm, you don't have to. The hotel has a number of areas adjacent to the meeting rooms that make it possible to get outside, rest, or host a small function. Nice!


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    Take a Dip in the Pool

    Pool area of the Royal Palm Hotel, Miami
    David A. Kelly

    One of the great things about the Royal Palm South Beach is the hotel's pool area. It's big enough to hold a lot of people, but comfortably, without feeling like you're jammed in. The pool itself was nice and warm, and there's a cozy hot tub spa nearby. The beautiful beach is also just beyond the hotel's wall.


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    Catch Up on Sleep

    Royal Palm Hotel room
    David A. Kelly

    The Royal Palm Hotel rooms are all brand new, and they're nicely designed. The bed in my room was very comfortable. The rooms are modern with some nice whimsical design touches and have a real "art Miami" feel.

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    Log In

    Royal Palm Business Center, South Beach,
    David A. Kelly

    While the Royal Palm doesn't have a huge business center, the hotel has great Wi-Fi and a cozy set of computers and a printer near the hotel's meeting spaces that can be used to log on, check your flights, or make a dinner reservation.


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    Relax in Your Favorite Way

    Royal Palm Hotel for Business Travelers
    David A. Kelly

    Just behind the lobby, on the way to the pool, the Royal Palm has a nice sitting area for kicking back and reading, catching up on email, or talking with business associates.

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    Enjoy the Modern But Classic Feel

    business hotel in miami
    David A. Kelly

    The interior of the Royal Palm feels, well, royal--or at least a great, updated twist on Art Deco. The hotel fits into the surrounding area great, but it's nice touches like this elegant and interesting set of stairs leading up to the conference rooms that really stake out the hotel's design prowess.

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    Have a Drink

    Business travel hotel in Miami
    David A. Kelly

    It's hard not to want to send the whole day in the Royal Palm's comfortable deck chairs near the pool and beach.


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