Roxbury Contemporary Lodging

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    Welcome to the Roxbury Motel

    ••• "Contemporary Catskill lodging" is what the sign advertises. It's a bit of an understatement.... © Vincent Sardone.

    Catskills New York Lodging

    Original, theatrical, fresh, and fun, the award-winning* Roxbury is as far from standard and boring as a couple can get. While the town of Roxbury is dull and sleepy, the motel is anything but. All the accommodations are decorated differently and exuberantly, with theme rooms inspired by pop culture of the 1960s and 1970s.

    As the property is a motel, some guest rooms are small; beds are queen- rather than king-size; and facilities that larger hotels contain, such as a restaurant and swimming pool, are not on site. What the motel lacks in amenities, though, it makes up for in style; anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate the Roxbury's tongue-in-chic design.

    *The Roxbury Motel is a winner of Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards and also was named to National Geographic Traveler’s 2009 North America Stay List.

    The Roxbury Motel | 2258 County Highway 41 | Roxbury, NY 12474 | 607-326-7200 |

    The Roxbury Motel is located SW of Albany, New York, NW from Woodstock...MORE, and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. And that's just how some guests like it.

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    Check in at the Roxbury Motel Office

    ••• Inside the office guests can pick up a snack (we saw freshly baked cookies, cool cucumber water, and coffee). In the mornings a continental breakfast is available. © Vincent Sardone.

    Since every room is different at the Roxbury Motel, you would be wise to select the one you want online ahead of time.

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    Genie's Bottle Room

    ••• Genie's Bottle Room is a two-bedroom suite with a full kitchen, multiple flatscreen TVs, and a truly magical bathroom. © Vincent Sardone.

    An homage to the "I Dream of Jeannie" TV show, room #18 is styled in a retro Arabian Nights fantasy.

    Genie's Bottle Room is the most popular choice for honeymoon couples at the motel.

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    Genie's Bottle Bathroom

    ••• Custom mosaic tiles embedded with glitter and suede-soft walls made of marble dust add to the visual appeal of this fantasy room. © The Roxbury Motel.

    Designed to give occupants the feeling they are actually inside a genie's bottle, the bathroom has a deep Japanese soaking tub and a palette that transports.

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    Jetsons Suite

    ••• The extraordinary bathroom in this suite features a heavy-duty red plastic bathtub and sink that light up from within. Although there's just one bathroom, two fold-out couches make George's Space Pad habitable for six future dwellers. © Vincent Sardone.

    Flash forward to the future in room #17, George's Space Pad. The bedroom is celestial white with silver accents and the rest of the suite is aglow with color.

    Since there's no movie theater for miles and miles, The Roxbury Motel has a large and growing collection of DVDs that guests may borrow. It includes the top 100 American Film Institute movies. Each of the TVs has a compatible DVD player.

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    Flintstones Room

    ••• Rock On Fred and Wilma never had it so good! In addition to the 3D rocks on the wall, this room also features a generously sized bath for one, a table and chair, half fridge, and a flatscreen TV. A back door opens to the grounds behind the hotel. © Vincent Sardone.

    Designed to approximate a troglodyte's dwelling, Fred's Lair, room #12, contains a queen-size bed and a bust of a tyrannosaurus rex to guard the door.

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    Tiffany Engagement Room

    ••• A Place for Decent Proposals This room contains a queen-size bed beneath a crystal chandelier with a dimmer to set the mood. Lovers who plan ahead can arrange to have chilled champagne on ice, fresh flowers, and a gourmet cheese platter await their arrival.

    Romantic room #14, aka Golightly-a-Go-Go, creates the experience of sleeping inside a Tiffany blue box. Could there be a more perfect place to propose marriage?

    Also see: 10 Perfect Places to Propose.

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    Garden Path

    ••• The gazebo on the back lawn is a lovely place for two to simply relax, sheltered from the sun. © Vincent Sardone.

    Like all the rest of the Roxbury Motel, the landscaping has been thoughtfully designed to please the eye.

    The Roxbury Hotel will appeal to outdoors lovers. Surrounded by rolling green hills and farm land, it's a good place to set out on a country drive and visit Cooperstown or Woodstock.

    More active guests can hike, swim in local creeks, go horseback riding or tubing, and golf. And from late spring to early fall, the nearby Round Barn farmer's market features fresh produce and other local items (we're partial to the irresistible Buddhapesto).

    Fall is the most beautiful season. Come for the foliage, and the motel can arrange to have rental bikes delivered and direct guests to the 25-mile-long Catskills Scenic Trail where trains formerly chugged.

    In winter, guests can ski at nearby Plattekill, Bellayre, Hunter, and Windham mountains.

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    Roxbury Motel Grounds

    ••• A twig of the East Branch of the Delaware River runs alongside the property. © Vincent Sardone.

    Although the Roxbury Motel's grounds would make a lovely setting for an outdoor wedding, ceremonies are not held here. But wedding parties often stay here.

    Nearby locations where weddings are held include:

    • Shepard Hills Golf Course
    • Stone Tavern Farm
    • Plattekill Mountain
    • Kirkside Park
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    Shimmer Spa

    ••• A crystal chandelier and fireplace add to the appeal of this small space. By the time you visit the motel, the spa may have expanded and added a relaxation room/library — and we have no doubt it will be as charming as this. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    With one treatment room and a hot tub surrounded by windows, the intimate Shimmer Spa is perfectly sized for the number of guests at The Roxbury Motel.

    One honeymooner we encountered claimed that the massage he got here was as good as any he'd experienced at a 5-star hotel. A big guy, he also fit comfortably into the soft, white, fluffy robe that was provided.

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    East Branch Restaurant

    ••• There are few eateries nearby; this is one that doesn't require a drive. The simple menu features cooked-to-order food. Free wi-fi and air-conditioning enhance the joint. © Susan Breslow Sardone.

    Like most motels, the Roxbury does not have a restaurant. What it does have is the neighboring East Branch restaurant, located a short walk from the property.

    In addition to this little restaurant, there's a cocktail lounge directly across the street from the motel. Called the Public Lounge, it serves as a stand-in for room service and will deliver to Roxbury rooms.

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    Fire Pit

    ••• The motel has neither a swimming pool nor children's facilities, which makes it adult (straight and gay) friendly. Nonetheless, families with kids do turn up in ski season. © Vincent Sardone.

    A congenial spot to end the day and meet new friends, the fire pit lounge on the upper deck overlooks the gardens at the Roxbury Motel.