Rory Boland

Co-author of Nation Geographic's Hong Kong guidebook and former editor of CityLife Hong Kong, Rory knows his way around the city of skyscrapers. 


Rory lived and worked in Hong Kong - and ate everything its restaurants could throw at him. As the hotel editor for the first Zagat guide to Hong Kong he has seen the inside of the swankiest hotel rooms in the world. He's also seen Chungking Mansions.


 A BA in English Literature and world leading ability to stomach any food at least once. 

Rory Boland

Few cities in the world can truly capture the imagination. Those cities with an irresistible buzz and a devilish excitement can be counted on one hand - well, put one finger up for Hong Kong. Come here to find enduring Chinese tradition in a city that is hurtling into the future. 

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